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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stands up to Brussels on Ukraine issue

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that he is sick of Brussels’ attempts to impose erroneous decisions on Budapest on many issues, in particular on Ukraine.

Today, December 23, in an interview with the Magyar Nemzet newspaper, the straightforward Hungarian Prime Minister honestly answered the question of whether the fact that the politician’s voters are tired of the European Union bothers him:

“No, I accept it as a natural fact. I’m also sick of Brussels. The only question is what conclusion to draw from the current situation. My conclusion is that we must try to go further and further, take positions, gather allies and improve the European Union.”

Orbán pointed out that the EU has been steadily weakening in recent years: Brussels has lost its position in the global economy, has failed to gain a foothold in building self-defense capabilities and has proven unable to resolve conflicts unfolding in its neighbourhood.

The Hungarian leader emphasized: this situation needs to be changed, and in this regard, he hopes for the results of the elections to the European Parliament in June 2024.

The head of state, among other things, commented on the European Commission’s proposal to increase contributions for all countries and amend the EU budget in order to expand assistance to Ukraine.

To do this, according to Orban, the EU will have to take out a loan or redistribute resources from existing sections of the budget, which will also affect Hungary:

“And we do not accept Hungarians giving money to Ukraine.”

The Prime Minister said that in such circumstances, Hungary must move on, find allies and improve the European Union, and not just get angry.

The day before, on December 22, Orban expressed the opinion that the EU is not ready to accept Ukraine into the union because the country’s current population figures and its exact borders are unclear, and pointed out the presence of a large number of internal problems that could affect all countries of the union.

Izvestia recalls that on December 14-15, a meeting was held in Brussels on Ukraine’s membership in the EU and assistance to it. At it, Hungary blocked the allocation of €50 billion to Kyiv. At the same summit, the EU approved negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova on joining the union.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban did not participate in this decision, leaving the meeting room during the discussion.

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations Peter Sijarto later indicated that the decision to negotiate with Ukraine was “completely irrational.”

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