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Hundreds of smart meters may pass on incorrect meter readings due to sensor failure – IT Pro – News

Easy enough to fight.
In addition, you can also ask the question: if 3000 cubic meters of extra gas is settled, this also means that it must be transported to the location where it was used.

Distribution must be requested in good time, otherwise the distribution network will quickly become too full. So if suddenly 3000 cubic meters of gas has to be delivered to 1 address, then the companies that check whether the distribution network is just as full as the energy companies have requested for any given moment.

A miss of 3000 cubic meters of gas costs the energy company a considerable fine, because they ensure that the distribution network is overloaded, with all the consequences that entails. And that fine is significantly higher than the bill for the allegedly supplied gas.

Now it is gas again, the distribution of which is less strict because of the calorific value of gas. It varies quite a bit due to temperature, air pressure and a lot of other things. Transport of gas is therefore somewhat freer. This is much more tightly regulated for the electricity grid, although there is also a weather sensitivity during distribution.

For both forms of energy, all figures for generation, distribution and measurements at the customer are compared by means of reconciliation. Also known as the annual accounts (where you either get money back or have to pay extra).

It is therefore very important that the meter at the delivery addresses works as well as possible. Not only for the customer, but also for the energy company. Because the fines for too many mistakes are easily 10 times higher than what the customer has to pay extra.

In addition, if the energy company has reliable data over long periods, they can predict much further into the future what energy they will deliver to their customers. The longer that period, the cheaper the energy. So the energy company is happy because it makes a profit, the distributor is happy because it can now plan where/when maintenance and/or expansion can take place. The customer is happy, because they don’t have to worry about a lack of energy when they need it.

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