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Hundreds of protesters on Museumplein for refugees Lesbos

The protest on the Museumplein against the refugee policy.Raounak Khaddari statue

“The fire in Moria is the last straw,” says Anne Geelhoed (37), who also took her son along. “It is his first demonstration. It is also important for him to become aware that this is also happening in the world. ”

The lawn on Museumplein is about half full. As with previous demonstrations, markers have been placed on the ground to keep your distance. The organization hands out face masks and several people are walking around wearing jackets to point out the one and a half meter rule to protesters.

The protest has been initiated by four Amsterdam students who still knew each other from the Barlaeus Gymnasium. She have been agitated about Dutch refugee policy for years, but after the fires this week they really could no longer stand by. “Now is the time to protest,” said initiator Paco Kuit (21).

To set up a large-scale demonstration, the students contacted all kinds of organizations. This led to support from, among others, the Dutch Council for Refugees, the Refugee Foundation and Defense for Children. Within a day and a half, the students consulted with the municipality and police, arranged for speakers, and spread the action on social media. Nearly two thousand people indicated that they would eventually come.

Minute of silence

The program of the demonstration starts at 4 pm. Speakers alternate on a stage. Laurens Dassen of Volt Nederland, GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver and Léonie Janssen of the Young Democrats, among others, pass by. Comedian Erik van Muiswinkel talks the speakers together. Halfway through, the demonstrators keep a minute of silence for the refugees from Camp Moria.

Dorrit Matena (55) came to the demonstration because she believes that the entire refugee policy must change. “The Netherlands must become more generous, and Europe must look more actively to help refugees. There is a very nasty political hardening going on. ”

“People get on a boat for a reason,” emphasizes Matena. “They don’t just leave everything behind, they don’t just make such a risky trip.”

‘Rare deal’

At first, keeping their distance goes well, but as the protest progresses, the demonstrators get closer to each other little by little. After 40 minutes, the police warned that those present should spread out more over the square, so that the demonstration can continue for the last half hour. They listen to that.

Roos Mulder (21) thinks the way in which the European Union deals with people “really cannot”. In addition, she is not happy about it the decision of the cabinet Thursday to transfer 100 refugees from Lesbos to the Netherlands. Just as many refugees from other countries are no longer welcome. “So we’re going to help some people but not others?” Mulder says. “That’s not okay.”

If she did not live in a student room, Mulder would like to help refugees. But that is not really up to her, she thinks. The government in particular should be more committed.

At 5.30 pm, the last speaker, activist Sarah Mardini, spoke. The demonstration ends half an hour later than planned. The demonstrators calmly walk off the field. Anyone who wants to chat is kindly requested by the organization to leave the square.

Demonstrators fill about half of the lawn on Museumplein.Raounak Khaddari statue

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