Hugo Clément creates controversy by marketing an agenda … in his effigy

A great defender of the animal cause and very involved in ecological fights, Hugo Clément has nevertheless embarked on a project which is far from unanimous: the marketing of agendas in his image.

On the cover of the famous diary, the face of Hugo Clément in close-up, and a sentence that refers to the journalist’s ecological commitment: “There is urgency!”. An initiative that did not win the votes of Internet users, who notably reproach Hugo Clément for wasting paper for profit. “How many uprooted trees for an agenda that will end up in the trash in 2021”, protested a user.

For several years, the journalist, author of the book “How I stopped eating animals”, has placed his fight against animal abuse and for the defense of the planet at the heart of his priorities.

Reviews that will not appear on the timeline of the journalist, who recently praised the merits of a new feature of Twitter, allowing to filter the responses to his tweets.

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