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Hughes: “Ultimately Hamilton would beat Verstappen in a Mercedes”

Max Verstappen next Lewis Hamilton Bee Mercedes. It is a line-up that many Formula 1 fans have dreamed of for years. But who would finish at the top of the championship? Formula 1 journalist Mark Hughes would bet his money on the Briton.

Nobody will deny that Lewis Hamilton is absolutely the big man in Formula 1 at the moment. The six-time world champion breaks one record after another and is hardly caught making a mistake. The fact is, however, that he is in a car that is considerably faster than anything behind him. That makes it all the more striking that Max Verstappen regularly makes it very difficult for the Briton. Valtteri Bottas, also behind the wheel of a Mercedes, the Dutchman has now even had to pass in the general classification.

It is therefore the dream of many Formula 1 enthusiasts that Verstappen and Hamilton will one day sit next to each other at Mercedes. Not only is that good for the sport in terms of excitement in the championship, it is also better to look at where these two men stand in relation to each other with equivalent equipment. Formula 1 journalist Mark Hughes also likes such a scenario. He compares the Dutchman to Ayrton Senna, when the Brazilian racing legend was driving for Lotus at the time McLaren the sport dominated.

“It would be a battle of the titans,” it sounds TheRace.com. “They would challenge each other every weekend to go to extremes. There was no way you could predict who would win. Overall, I think Hamilton would take Verstappen in the end, but that’s just a guess. how this would end once it actually happens. ”

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