Huge Demand for Lionel Messi Jerseys Causes Delays for Adidas in Miami

Huge Demand for Lionel Messi Jerseys Causes Delays for Adidas in Miami

The fascination surrounding superstar Lionel Messi has reached a new level after the Argentine star’s move to Inter Miami.

No matter where you look in Miami right now, everyone just wants to see their idol and take a piece home with them in the form of a jersey.

However, this leads to problems because due to the huge hype surrounding the Messi jerseys, supplier Adidas can hardly keep up with orders, which can lead to enormous delays in the long term.

According to “Front Office Sports”, the German sporting goods manufacturer had to complete six months of work in three in order to somehow be able to get the situation under control.

Jerseys from 2020 should help

In order to cushion the massive rush, Inter Miami has come up with a clever, albeit unconventional, solution.

In the future, ex-superstar David Beckham’s club will sell the 2020 jerseys and clumsily print Messi’s number and name on the back.

So everyone should be able to get their hands on a jersey from the superstar, even though he was still under contract with FC Barcelona three years ago.

However, this curiosity does not affect the sales figures; the hype surrounding the reigning world champion is too great.

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