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Huawei Uses US Technology to Produce 7nm Chip in China: Latest Updates 2024


Huawei, through Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC), apparently uses technology from the United States to produce contemporary chips in China.

This chip uses 7nm fabrication and was produced by Huawei in 2023. According to a Bloomberg report, SMIC produced the chip using American machines, which were purchased before they were hit by sanctions from the US government in October 2022.

The machine used was made by Applied Materials Inc and Lam Research Corp from California, USA, as quoted by detikINET from Reuters, Friday (8/3/2024).

Neither the White House, Huawei, Applied Materials, Lam Research, nor SMIC issued a response regarding this issue.

However, what is clear is that so far the US government has excluded Huawei and SMIC from advanced technologies from Uncle Sam’s country. Huawei, for example, was included in the trade ban list since 2019 when Donald Trump was still US President because it was deemed to have violated the embargo sanctions.

Meanwhile, SMIC was included in this matter in 2020 because it was considered linked to China’s military industrial complex. Both Huawei and SMIC unanimously rejected these accusations and admitted that they had done nothing wrong.

The most recent ban occurred in February 2024, namely that SMIC’s various cooperation agreements with most advanced technology manufacturers were terminated, precisely after they produced the Kirin 9000S chip used in the Huawei Mate 60 Pro.

The ban also extends to all other Chinese companies, which are prohibited from purchasing today’s most advanced AI chips from companies that use US technology. The AI ​​chips that Chinese companies can buy are chips whose capabilities have been completely circumcised.

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