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Hoy Digital – SNS inaugurates the area of ​​Pathology and Oral Medicine at INCART

The National Health Service (SNS), through the Department of Dentistry, inaugurated today the first Oral Pathology and Medicine room of the Public Network, located in the National Cancer Institute Rosa Emilia Sánchez Pérez de Tavares (INCART).

The director of the SNS, Chanel Rosa Chupany, pointed out that the area was created with the objective of guaranteeing citizens a clinical space where they can attend cases of oral cancer, the most frequent of the head and neck, in order to reduce deaths cause of the disease

The new room is dedicated to the Dominican pathologist Fernando Jacobo Armach and it will offer services of early detection and treatment of oral cancer in addition to having available to the users services of prostheses, endodontics, implants and other specialties of dentistry.

Rosa Chupany, stressed the importance of this room with capacity to serve 50 people in two daily shifts and has radiologists, pathologists, prosthetists, general dentists and endodontists to assist people who come to the health center.

On his side, the director of Dentistry of the SNS, Adolfo Rodriguez, He indicated that the area of ​​Pathology and Oral Cancer will work in coordination with the other hospitals, First Level Centers and Primary Care Clinical and Diagnostic Centers belonging to the Public Health Services Network.

He said that about 2,500 dentists throughout the national territory have been trained in prevention and detection of oral cancer, who will be responsible for monitoring and referring patients to INCART when necessary.

He pointed out that for the commissioning of the area, equipped with modern units for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, an investment of more than half a million pesos was made.

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