Hoy Digital – Official figures establish more 19 thousand dengue cases this year

By counting the epidemiological bulletin of week 49, the country’s health system had accounted for 19,053 cases of dengue and 50 deaths. The system also records at week 49, 50 deaths from leptospirosis, a disease caused by the contact of urine from rats and other animals. The number of cases rose to 359 people. For this cause, 564 cases are registered, while malaria records 1,075 affected people. The country records one of the most aggressive dengue epidemics. Doctors at the Robert Reid Cabral hospital say that only 60 children under 15 years of age have died in that health center. Only at week 49, 379 probable cases of dengue were reported, for an accumulated of 1,986 cases in the last four weeks.
The total number of cases notified until this week 49) that goes from December 1 to 7 of this year is 19,053, including 50 deaths in which the audit committee determined that the cause of death was due to this disease. Until this week the largest number of cases comes from the municipalities of Santo Domingo Este (2,170), National District (1,648), Santo Domingo Norte (1,577), Santiago (1,465), Santo Domingo Oeste (1,059).

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