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“How would Ronaldo have decided for the Portugal national team?”

This is the decision that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo would have made with the Portugal national team.

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The star Cristiano Ronaldo will be with the Portugal national team again in the qualifying competitions for the 2024 European Cup hosted by Germany, after the disappointment of the 2022 World Cup by exiting the quarter-finals.

Despite his 38 years, the new coach of the Portuguese national team, Spain’s Roberto Martinez, chose Ronaldo in his national team list.

However, Ronaldo did not hide in the press conference for the match against Liechtenstein today that he was not ruling out international retirement after the 2022 World Cup.

Ronaldo said: “My family and I talked and came to the conclusion that despite the difficulties I cannot retire. I looked at things from different angles, and that helped me a lot.”

He added, “I feel happy to be back in the national team, and the coach has shown that he counts on me, he talked to me and everyone. I understood that I have a lot to offer the national team. I know that, and I want that, and my ambition is to lead Portugal to the highest levels. I will always help when they need me”.

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo won the European Cup in 2016 with Portugal, in addition to the European Nations League title in 2019.

Ronaldo is considered the historical top scorer for the national teams, by scoring 118 goals so far, and he is also the historical top scorer in the European Championship.

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