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How to send an image received on WhatsApp without having the mark “reject”

Over the years, WhatsApp has sought to limit and alert users to indiscriminately return messages and images. This is how false information is often shared and misleads users.

Of course, these rules and tools are blind and do not assess uploaded content. So sometimes we may want to send an image to other users without having the “resent” buffer. The form is simple and today we are showing how they can do it.

More than a messaging service, WhatsApp is often the platform of choice for sharing links, images and videos. Without any complications, just choose what we want to send, whether it’s something local or something we receive on the smartphone.

As we also like to send what we receive, we often want to remove the referral tag that WhatApp places on what we receive, to notify you that the image or message has been forwarded within that service.

To do this, they first need to access the image they want to send to their WhatsApp contacts. It should be loaded until the selection indication appears. An options bar immediately appears at the top, with the well-known share icon.

Then click on this icon to start choosing recipients for image sharing. The list of contact names will appear, so the user only has to choose who they want to send the image to.

Of course, and as with any other sharing, the user can also add text to compose the message he sends. Finally, just click on the icon next to the text box where you placed the image.

This is how they can return an image, without the well-known referral mark appearing. You can also do this procedure to return videos to WhatsApp without the “reject” mark which you don’t always want to be visible.

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