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Whether you’re getting rid of your Apple TV, recycling it, or trying to fix a problem, you canResetting to factory settings is effectiveis.

This includes deleting your personal information and signing out of your account.

Once you do this, it cannot be undone and you will need to log back into the account you were signed in to after the reset. (Make sure you have all your passwords handy before resetting them).

Steps may vary depending on your Apple TV model.

First of all,Check your device type. Subsequently,Apple TV 4Kor Apple TV HDHow to resetThis section explains.

1. Check your Apple TV model

The reset method differs depending on the Apple TV model.

To check, check your Apple TVSettings > General > AboutOpen it and find the model number. Below are the model numbers associated with various Apple TVs.

Apple TV 4K: A2843, A2737, A2169, A1842Apple TV HD: A1625For Apple TV 3rd generation Rev A: A1427 or A1469Apple TV 2nd generation: A1378Apple TV 1st generation: A1218

2. Factory reset

first,Settings > System > ResetSelect . From here you need to select the option you want to use. The options are:

reset:Completely erase your Apple TV and restore it to factory settings. How to restore your device to like new without an internet connection.Reset and update:Restore your Apple TV to factory settings and install any available software updates on your device. Although it requires an Internet connection, this is the most recommended method if you plan to continue using it at home.

Once you select this option, keep your Apple TV connected until the process is finished. You can then unplug it and pack it up, or reset your account and continue using it.

If you want to reset your Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier

To reset a 3rd generation or earlier Apple TV,Settings > General > ResetLet’s select in this order.

From here, choose one of the following:

Reset all settings:Erase your device completely and start over. No internet connection required.Restore:Erase your device before installing software updates. You will need to be connected to the internet to download updates.

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