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How to Recognize and Prevent Dengue Fever in a Non-Endemic Climate

Dengue fever is an infectious disease caused by the Dengue virus, which is transmitted through the bites of infected Aedes mosquitoes. This is a common disease in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world where such mosquitoes are found. Linar Yarullov, a therapist at the SberHealth online medical service, told how to recognize this type of infection and how to catch diseases that are typical for the subtropics in the temperate Russian climate.

What are the symptoms?

“Most infected people (about 80%) may not have obvious symptoms, but some people who become ill may develop flu-like symptoms: high fever, headaches, muscle and joint pain, rashes and general malaise. Usually these symptoms last about 2-7 days and in most cases lead to a complete recovery.

However, in a minimal number of cases, dengue fever can take on a more severe form, known as severe or hemorrhagic dengue fever. This is a serious condition, dangerous bleeding, dysfunction of internal organs and even death. The likelihood of death in the hemorrhagic form of Dengue fever increases greatly without timely medical attention and supportive therapy.

Also, after an infection, re-infection with another strain of the virus can increase the risk of developing a severe form of the disease, ”the specialist noted.

How to deal with dengue fever?

A specific prophylactic vaccine is not widely used and is generally recommended when there is a risk of reinfection. Disease control strategies include mosquito range control, bite prevention, early diagnosis, and supportive treatment of severe cases.

Is there a risk of getting sick in Russia?

“In Russia, the risk of getting dengue fever is extremely low, since Aedes mosquitoes, which are carriers of this disease, are not found in Russia (despite the fact that in the southern regions, such as the Krasnodar Territory and the Astrakhan Region, the climate may be suitable for their distribution). , no cases of infection were noted). However, in the modern world, where long-haul flights and long journeys are possible, there is a risk of possible infection – such cases are “imported”. However, if you do not travel to countries endemic for dengue fever, the risk of getting infected tends to zero, ”Yarullov said in an interview with Sport24 correspondent Zarina Khalimkhonova.

More interesting information about health and prevention measures:

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