How to Prevent Your PS5 from Overheating: Tips and Tricks

Sony’s PlayStation 5 console is actually a powerful computer in a relatively small box. When the PS5 system is under load, it may generate a lot of waste heat due to working too hard, which will cause the PS5 to overheat. In addition, the sweltering weather in Taiwan makes the situation worse. How to avoid overheating?

How to prevent your PS5 from overheating?

Tell if your game console is overheating

Sony will display a notification on the TV screen when the PS5 host is overheating, letting players know that they must wait for it to cool down before continuing to use it. But be aware that just because you feel the console is hot or is venting a lot of heat, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the console is overheating. The PS5’s mechanism is to move hot air away from heat-generating components, especially when the console is under load. At high loads, you can hear the PS5’s fans whirring, which is usually nothing to worry about, unless the fans are constantly working overtime indiscriminately, then you should pay special attention.

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Improved ventilation reduces overheating

One of the best things you can do for your console to avoid overheating or heat-related damage over time is to ensure adequate airflow around the console. This means that you should try to avoid other objects around the main unit, and do not put items on top of the main unit, and make sure that the air intake and exhaust holes are unblocked. On the PS5, fresh air is sucked in from the top and front of the console, and then exhausted from the back of the console, according to Sony’s official recommendation to leave 10 cm of “free space” on each side to ensure ventilation.

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PS5 overheating may be caused by dust buildup

During normal use, dust, pet hair, or other dust and debris can accumulate around the PS5’s air intakes (top and front) over time, and the more dusty the environment, the worse the problem becomes. To ensure that the PS5 console can fully cool itself, please regularly dust off the air intake to ensure that enough cold air enters the console smoothly.

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In addition, you should also remove the dust in the area around the host, because any tiny things nearby may be brought into the host by the airflow, and the fine dust deposited inside the host will affect the heat dissipation performance, so cleaning the environment can minimize the amount of dust that is inhaled.
iFxit’s Guide to Cleaning Dust in Console Venting

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Avoid closed hosts

In order for heat to be removed from the memory modules and thermal elements in the system, the PS5 needs a steady source of cool air. For optimal heat exchange, the air entering the console should be cooler than the air leaving the console. The temperature of the surrounding air also affects the cooling effect. If possible, place the PS5 on an open shelf or cabinet to improve airflow.exist In 2020, BestBuy stores had overheating problems when displaying consoles in airtight cabinetsEnclosed environments will cause hot air to accumulate, and as the main unit pushes more and more of the hot air into the narrow enclosed space, the temperature will rise steadily.

Even if placed on the floor, it may be more compatible with the PS5 console than if you put it in a closed cabinet, but especially pay attention not to place it on carpet or various fabrics, because textiles will store heat and further hinder airflow.


Remove nearby heat sources

Over an enclosed space, nearby heat sources can raise the temperature of the air and even “heat” the PS5 directly, so consider moving the console away from nearby heat sources. The heat source could be a nearby computer console, other game consoles, electric heaters, network equipment, or even a home theater receiver. Even your TV can be an unnecessary source of heat, especially LED TVs with backlights that radiate heat from the back of the display. Since your PS5 relies on being connected to your TV to function, it’s impossible to place the two products very far away, but it might help to keep the PS5 off the back of your TV.

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If it must be placed in a cabinet, please strengthen the ventilation device

If you must put the PS5 console in a cabinet, you can still hope for good cooling. A few multimedia cabinets come with pre-installed fans or vents, but most do not. You can install a fan in the cabinet or create a ventilation system by yourself, so that the hot air in the cabinet can be exhausted and cool air can be drawn in to cool the electronic equipment inside. You can consider adding something like two computer cooling fans to create a convective environment, but you have to dig holes for the cabinet yourself.

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Direct sunlight can also heat up your console

You might overlook this if you won’t be using your console during the day, but remember that even the sun will “warm” your console. Especially the sunlight in Taiwan is quite strong. If you will play games during the day, please avoid placing the console in a place where it will be exposed to sunlight, so as not to heat the console unnecessarily.


Pay attention to the ambient temperature

A cooler space will allow the console to regulate its temperature better, and the ambient temperature will also affect how much heat is transferred to the internal components, which is worth keeping in mind if you’re worried about the console overheating. According to Sony’s official data, it is recommended to use it in the ambient temperature range of 5°C to 35°C. In a very hot place like Taiwan, the official limit can be exceeded at any time in summer. Please consider trying not to use it in a day Use the PS5 during the hottest time in the game, otherwise the host will prompt overheating frequently. If you just want to play games, you can consider turning on the air conditioner and fan to cool down the room before starting the console.

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Regularly clean the dust inside the host

If your PS5 console is still under warranty, and you have done all the above measures, and you still have frequent overheating problems, then you should contact Sony for support and send the console for repair.Unless you are sure that the host is under warranty, please do not open the host by yourself easily, so as not to damage the warranty; if it is out of warranty, you can still send it to the maintenance service center, and ask a professional to help troubleshoot the problem.

If you want to do it yourself, you can open the case of the main unit and use a can of compressed air to clean the dust inside. In How-FitIT, there are videos showing how to open, disassemble and clean the main unit.

Why is heat dissipation so important to PS5?

This subtitle is a bit imprecise, it should be changed to “why heat dissipation is so important to all game consoles”.

A console that runs too hot can damage internal components, shortening its lifespan. Dust buildup can prevent the cooling system from functioning properly, meaning the fans have to work overtime trying to cool the console down. What’s more, the main unit is louder at high temperature.

Do your game console a favor and make sure it has plenty of room to breathe, dust off the console and its surroundings and keep an eye on the ambient temperature. May your console be strong and healthy.

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