How to Limit Daily Cholesterol Consumption: Easy and Safe Methods

QURAN GALA – Ensuring the amount of cholesterol in daily food is not an easy matter.

The maximum daily cholesterol consumption itself should be no more than 300 milligrams.

More than that, you can get high cholesterol, especially if you rarely move around.

So, so that cholesterol consumption remains within safe limits, here’s how to limit daily cholesterol consumption which is easy and definitely safe without side effects:

1. Reduce cooking oil

Most cooking oil is made from palm oil and coconut oil. The oil from this frying oil can turn into cholesterol.

So, it’s best to limit coconut oil as much as possible, including coconut milk, so that cholesterol intake doesn’t get higher.

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2. Clean the meat from fat

When enjoying a meat menu, separate the fatty parts, such as chicken skin, which, although tasty, is rich in fat.

Instead of being exposed to cholesterol, it is better to clean the fat from meat before cooking it or when eating a meat menu.

Not only that, it’s also a good idea to boil the meat first so that the fat comes out. Also cool the meat stock until the oil separates and can be discarded.

3. Reduce meat portions

It is so delicious, usually the portion of meat consumed exceeds the maximum portion.

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