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How to Know if Your WhatsApp Number is Saved by Someone Else or Not

Novina Putri Bestari, CNBC Indonesia


Monday, 02/26/2024 07:35 IWST

Foto: Logo Whatsapp (REUTERS/Thomas White)

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia WhatsApp has many features to support its user experience. One of them is adding another user’s number to our contacts.

By saving someone’s contact, we can not only send chats. For example, you can see activity on WhatsApp, such as when uploading status.

Users can also send chats to users whose cellphone numbers have not been saved in contacts. But the activities that can be seen are also very limited.

There are several signs that someone hasn’t saved our WhatsApp number. Users can recognize it very easily.

Here are some characteristics of our WhatsApp number that no one else has saved:

1. Profile Photo

One sign that someone doesn’t save our contacts is not being able to see their WhatsApp profile photo. In the WhatsApp list, the contact will display the default image of the person as grayed out but will show another image on the other user’s account.

But this also doesn’t indicate someone hasn’t saved our contacts. Because he can set his profile picture to only be visible to certain contacts.

2. Status

The next characteristic is that you don’t see any status from that contact, but there is for other users. This also applies to information in the About section, for example an empty message or bio.

But it also cannot be concluded that they don’t save our number. Because the user can also set the status to be seen by only a handful of people.

3. Order

One of the signs that our contacts have not been saved is the tick mark which indicates that the message was read and has not changed. There will usually be two blue ticks when a message has been read.

However, if you haven’t seen it, it could be that the contact hasn’t read the message or turned off notifications.

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