How to get rid of calluses, thick skin on the soles of the feet and hands, use these natural ingredients

Calluses are conditions where the skin tissue becomes thick and hard.

Then, how how to get rid of calluses?

Here are a few how to get rid of calluses naturally. You can try.

This thickening of the skin occurs due to friction or pressure on certain areas of the skin.

Parts of the body that often experience calluses include the soles of the feet, fingers, toes, heels and knees.

Reporting from Healthline, the growth of an extra layer in the skin due to calluses is actually the body’s natural reaction.

The body deliberately does this to protect the skin from exposure to irritants and prevent damage.

Although not a serious health problem, calluses often cause discomfort because they interfere with appearance.

Even though it’s annoying, you shouldn’t just cut the calluses using a sharp tool. It actually damages the skin and causes infection.

Except for diabetics who need special wound care, calluses for most people are actually easy to treat with natural ingredients available in the kitchen.

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