How to Clean Your Own Laptop Motherboard at Home


How to clean a laptop motherboard can actually be done with simple tools and methods at home. Photo/doc

JAKARTA – How to clean the motherboard laptop it can be done with simple tools and methods. For that, before taking it to a service center, it’s better to try this easy way to clean your laptop’s motherboard.

Quoted from, laptop motherboard is actually the brain of the computer. Over time, the dust will eventually seep into the laptop and stick to the laptop motherboard, reducing its performance.

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Not only that, a pile of dust can also damage motherboard . These particles can have a corrosive effect on the motherboard circuitry, which can slow down or even freeze computer performance.

Fortunately, you can clean laptop motherboards by spraying compressed air. However, you don’t just clean the laptop motherboard because it can damage other internal components.

To clean motherboard laptop , the only tools needed are a small screwdriver and a can of air duster. This air duster is a high-pressure wind of about 70 psi which is commonly used to clean components that cannot touch water.

If the two tools have been prepared, all you have to do is unscrew the screws that are under the laptop with a screwdriver. But before that, make sure the laptop is turned off.

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If all the screws have been removed, now remove the battery and then open the bottom panel of the laptop.

With the condition of the panel has been removed, you just need to find the position of the motherboard laptop You. The motherboard is a large panel with many small cables and components on it.

Then attach the hose to the air duster mouth. Next, carefully spray the air duster on the motherboard.

Make sure the motherboard dust particles out of the laptop. Avoid blowing dust further into the laptop as it can affect other components.

If it’s clean, reinstall the bottom panel laptop also the battery. Turn on the laptop, test and make sure that the laptop is working properly.



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