How to clean the teether properly so as not to harm the little one

Pasuruan ( – There are many types of baby toys, one of which is a teether or baby bite toy. These toys are generally made of elastic material that is safe for babies to put in their mouths and bite.

Teether is given to stimulate the growth of teeth in babies. Well, at the time of teething, the baby’s gums will itch. Therefore, giving a teether is very good to accompany the baby in this phase.

Given that babies can’t hold their toys well, the teether will often fall. To prevent germs from getting into your little one’s mouth, parents must be able to clean the teether properly.

How to? Reported from several sources, here’s how:

1. Wash with Water or Wet Wipe

If the teether falls on the floor, you should immediately wash the toy with clean running water. But, what if there isn’t one? The solution, use a wet cloth to remove germs on the teether.

2. Soak with Warm Water and Vinegar

Please note, teethers made of poor quality materials trigger the growth of mold on the surface of the teether. Of course this will be very dangerous for the health of the little one.

For that, clean the teether as often as possible by soaking it in warm water that has been dripped with vinegar. The reason is, vinegar can remove residue and dirt on the teether.

The trick, prepare warm water and add enough vinegar to the container that has been provided. Insert the teether and soak for about 30 minutes.

Then rinse with clean warm water and dry with a cloth. Wait a few moments until the vinegar smell disappears and the teether is ready to be given to your little one again.

3. Wash Using Special Soap

In addition to cleaning with warm water and vinegar, how to properly clean baby bite toys is to wash them with special soap. This soap can be found in the market.

How to clean it, just clean the drops of soap on the teether. Then, rub gently until the surface of the teether looks clean, finally rinse with running water.

This method is also quite effective, safe and can be done in a short time. However, make sure to choose quality baby soap so that the baby’s health is maintained. (trj/may)


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