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How the volunteers bring Russia closer to victory – 2024-02-22 08:46:23

/ world today news/ Throughout 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly noted the importance of the volunteer movement in the country. The figures confirm that there are more and more people willing to help at the front. What is the role of volunteers in SVO today and why can literally anyone get involved in the volunteer movement?

“With all my heart, I want to thank our citizens, who are so concerned and warm-hearted about the needs of the front, about the needs of our boys who are fighting for the interests of Russia,” Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the volunteers as part of ” Results of the year”.

According to the head of state, citizens donated a total of 10 billion rubles. “Of course, the state – especially now, when our economy is booming – has these funds. But people give of themselves, knit nets, knit gloves, knit socks. Children sent three million letters to soldiers at the front. Three million!” he emphasized.

As practice shows, volunteers have indeed become an integral part of the SVO. And everyone helps as they can – some transfer money to buy drones, while others send vans to the front, donate warm clothes.

Experts claim that these people not only help our military, but with their participation actively bring Russia’s victory in the special operation closer. Also, contrary to popular belief, volunteering is easy. And anyone can become one, regardless of political views, religion and social status.

They step forward while others stand back’

“The main value of any country is its people. And the main value of a person is emotions. Volunteers and volunteers know this better than many,” said Igor Kastyukevich, senator, secretary of the regional branch of the United Russia party in the Kherson region.

“A volunteer is a person who steps forward when others stand still. Now in Russia the social movement of volunteers is bigger and more powerful than ever. A large number of Russians help when they have time. In the evenings or on weekends, together with their children, they knit nets, sew and knit socks. You don’t have to call yourself a volunteer to be one,” he adds.

“Kindness doesn’t matter what your social status, nationality or political preferences are. If you do it from the heart and according to the call of your heart, then we are one team”, emphasizes Igor Kastyukevich.

Vladimir Rogov, the leader of the “We are together with Russia” movement, agrees with him. “The contribution of volunteers to our future victory cannot be overstated. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense and the state as a whole fully cover the needs of the front, help in this matter will definitely not be superfluous,” he explains.

“There are many small things that require such a quick response that it can be difficult to do through official channels. On the other hand, a volunteer, who is often close to the place where help is needed, is able to react as quickly as possible,” adds the interlocutor.

“Again, all needs at the front require money. And in the case of the Ministry of Defense, this is in one way or another related to tenders, contests, government contracts. Volunteers can privately buy everything from a drone to a van, from warm underwear to portable X-ray machines,” says the expert.

Frontline help is easy

At first glance, it may seem that volunteering is a kind of profession that is simply impossible to combine with work, study and home. But “there are several levels of involvement in volunteering,” answers Rogov.

“The simplest thing is to send money. Often to famous military or public figures who create special accounts for the needs of the front. This is a proven method that allows you to be sure that the funds will really go to the needs of the soldiers,” explains the interlocutor.

“It is worth noting that in this context the phrase “help with rubles” can be interpreted literally. It is not necessary to donate thousands and tens of thousands, even one ruble is enough. Everyone probably has a few coins or a forgotten bill in their wallet, but they can be of real use to the military,” he adds.

“Those who are ready to spend a little more time volunteering can contact the public movement “Naroden Front”, they have all the necessary information on their website. You can also look into volunteering communities in the city where one lives,” suggests the interlocutor.

“After all, a volunteer is not necessarily someone who works in conditions of fire and direct combat. It can be an ordinary mother or grandmother, who in the evening, while watching the series, knits warm clothes or camouflage nets for our fighters,” the spokesperson points out.

“But the most important thing about volunteering is consistency. It is better to provide a little help every month than to do one thing, even a big one, but once. Helmets, nets, socks, thermal underwear – all this does not last long in combat conditions. And we often have to buy such “consumables”, noted Rogov.

“For Russian people, it has always been customary to do good, long before such a word as “volunteer” appeared. And even the smallest things can turn out to be big and important,” says Elena Ivanova, director of Lyceum No. 5 in Orenburg, where the volunteer movement is seriously developed.

“So, each of us can devote our day off to knitting socks, weaving stretchers, making candles, or writing a small but sincere letter. And then you can take it to the collection points,” enumerates the interlocutor.

“You can also become a professional volunteer. To do this, you will need to find the relevant headquarters of the movement in your city, undergo training, and then constantly participate in various events to help,” adds the teacher.

“Personally, I work in a school with almost 2,500 students. And according to my calculations, every third is a volunteer. Some people collect plastic caps and recycle them, others participate in planting trees, and others make candles with teachers during recess and simply write letters with words of support and gratitude. After that, we send all this to the front”, the director gives an example.

“Being useful is one of the basic needs of the human psyche, and here volunteering provides excellent opportunities,” Ivanova is sure. It is never too late to get involved in this extremely important cause for the country, especially in the new year.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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