How the new Dacia Duster model is presented, also praised by Top Gear: “It looks a little too good!”

Having reached its third generation, Dacia Duster presents itself with a new design, much more robust than the previous ones, but also with more personality. The car is receiving international praise.

The new Dacia Duster has the same CMF-B platform as the Dacia Jogger and Sandero. This is also used in Renault Clio and Captur and Nissan Juke and Note. Tom Ford, editor of the British magazine Top Gear, discusses the development of the new model.

Previously considered a car accessible to anyone from the working class, the editor questions whether the new model still fits into this category or, on the contrary, has become more demanding.

“The third generation of a Top Gear favorite has definitely grown up – should we be worried? While we’re big fans of the Dacia Duster here at, there’s a slight sense of unease surrounding this new generation. Why? Well , it looks a little… too good, clearly. A little too much gear and fancy for what’s supposed to be a hard-working, serious, cheap hero,” notes Top Gear, according to Observer.

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The new Dacia Duster presents many new elements, especially in the exterior. These include protective elements that surround the lower part of the body, harmoniously contouring the wheel arches, the side protections, to the rear bumper.

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The respective protective elements are made of an innovative material, invented by Dacia engineers themselves. They are not painted, which means they won’t visibly deteriorate over the years or from minor accidents. One of the surprises is the flagship trunk, Pack Sleep, which has been designed since the early stages of the plan for the new generation.

The new Duster, a very robust vehicle, adapted to any road situation

It will also be equipped with a downhill speed control system, useful for those wishing to go off-road or on steep slopes. It also has modular flag bars, but also the Dacia YouClip accessory system, which will allow you to fix several accessories in key areas of the passenger compartment.

The new Duster has equipment that will make the life of any driver easier, starting from the standard equipment level (Journey) to the optional one (Extreme). An electric parking brake is also available for them.

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