How much does 1 mobile phone charger plugged into the socket consume? The figures

How much does 1 mobile phone charger plugged into the socket consume? Tell the truth how many times do you forget to remove the smartphone charger from the socket? There are even people who have the unhealthy habit of leaving it connected to the power outlet on purpose. Why should this routine gesture be avoided? What are the harmful consequences for health and wallet? Let’s find out together.

Leaving your mobile phone charger plugged in can be dangerous

It can be about the smartphone or tablet and pc chargerbut rest assured that if by omission or lack of will you leave it connected to the electrical outlet it can be a gesture dangerous.

Our advice is to use one ciabatta and turn it off, if you really want to leave the charger connected to the socket or if you are sure that you forget to remove it because you are caught up in the frenetic daily life (home, work, children, shopping).

Why is leaving the charger plugged in dangerous? First of all, if it is an old, damaged or poor product, it can trigger a fire because it increases the risk of short circuit and overheating. In the event of bad weather and thunderstorms, it is advisable to immediately disconnect all connected electrical devices and also the charger.

How much does 1 mobile phone charger plugged into the socket consume? The figures –

Leaving the phone charger plugged in consumes a lot of energy

Many people don’t know it but leave the charger connected to the socket, even without actually charging a smartphone – tablet, consume energy. So to avoid energy waste and protect the environment it is advisable to avoid this bad habit harmful to the wallet, not only risky for health.

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A charging mobile phone consumes 3 watts, a charger connected to a charging smartphone consumes 2 watts. The difference is therefore minimal. But did you know that a charger left plugged in consumes 0.25 watts? So it is good to remember that the charger, even if it is not connected to any type of electrical device, always consumes a minimal amount of energy and this can affect the electricity bill to be paid.

Actual consumption depends on how much energy the charger is able to absorb when it is not operational and on the type of contract stipulated with the electricity supplier.

Leaving the charger on will damage the product

Did you know that leaving the charger plugged into the socket greatly increases the risk of damaging it prematurely? Not realizing it we end up buying new chargers more and more often.

Thinking the charger isn’t working, how many times do we leave it charging overnight? L’premature wear of the charger is ensured, if we adopt this super harmful habit. This means that the compromised charger will charge much slower and consume much more energy and therefore more money in the bill.

charger left in socket

charger left in the socket

Tips to save electricity

If you think a single charger connected to the electrical outlet consumes a microscopic amount of energy and therefore little money in the bill, you are wrong. You must also think of all the other silent appliances and all the other devices including laptops, tablets and coffee machines with pods or capsules that are always on.

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