how is the reopening of schools in Niort being prepared?

This is one of the big challenges of deconfinement: the reopening of schools. AT Niort, the 38 schools of the city will be fine open Monday May 11 for the teachers pre-start. And for welcome students on May 12. Except evolution of national decisions at the level of deconfinement of course.

The mayor did no hesitation on this reopening. “A child has to go to school, that’s how a country works”, estimates Jérôme Baloge. “Afterwards, it is obvious that we are going through a health crisis, we must take all the necessary precautions. We are in a department where the health crisis has been relatively weak and therefore where there is perhaps a lower risk. ‘elsewhere”, continues the elected.

Capacity for 50% of students

Schools that will not be able to accommodate all the students. Anyway, not all will come. A work of census will start Monday by the principals of schools. And then, the other unknown is how many teachers will go back to work. At the city level, if we take into account the issue of premises, the staff available there is a capacity to accommodate 50% of the students.

Because it will indeed be necessary to respect certain rules. Maximum 15 students per class. No more parents in the school, you will have to drop off your children at the entrance. “Children will have to wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel as soon as they enter the school. There will be a sense of movement to join the class and they will have to wash their hands at each break”, specifies Rose-Marie Niéto, deputy mayor in charge of schools. Of offbeat are also planned, so that all the children are not at the same time.

Additional cleanings

The town hall is also going increase the number of cleanings. “In addition to the usual cleaning once a day there will be intermediate cleaning. Toilets after each use so after the morning recess, the lunch break. Cleaning of class tables while the children go to the refectory”, details Rose-Marie Niéto. The Minister of Education must unveil this Friday what will be precisely the health protocol.

A Niort, no lunch planned in the classes. On the other hand, the week of May 12, parents will have to plan a picnic. The town hall hopes to put in place a catering service from the week of May 18.

Also note in Niort, the reopening of the four crèches, the family crèche and the daycare center with reception of children there from Monday 11 May. The reception capacity is 62% estimates the municipality.

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