How Dangerous Is Langya Virus? Hear what experts say about the pandemic potential of this virus from China

PEOPLE’S MIND – The world community is again overshadowed by a new virus called Langya Henipavirus (LayV), after 35 people were infected in eastern China.

Dozens of people infected with the virus Langya it is known to accept transmission from animals to humans.

LayV is part of a genus of viruses called henipaviruses and usually nests in fruit bats.

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The genus includes the Hendra virus, which was first identified in Australia in 1994 and is known to infect humans and horses.

This genus also includes the Nipah virus, which was first identified in 1999 in Malaysia. Both infections, both Hendra and Nipah, are known to have high mortality rates in humans.

So does this also apply to this LayV virus?

Reported from NewScientist, here’s an explanation regarding how serious the latest virus is named Langya this henipavirus.

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How Dangerous is LayV’s New Virus

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