How can I find the cheapest mortgage?

How can I find the cheapest mortgage?

The owners are convinced: by comparing as many offers as possible, the most advantageous mortgage is obtained. Yet the biggest savings come from smart choice of mortgage model and maturity. Money market mortgages with very short maturities, usually 3 or 6 months, are almost always cheaper than fixed rate mortgages. Anyone who opted, for example in 2010, for a 10-year fixed-rate mortgage, will have paid a total interest of 151,000 francs for a 500,000-franc mortgage. A money market mortgage would cost more than 100,000 francs less. And it is very likely that in the future, money market mortgages will remain more advantageous than fixed rate mortgages. In the no-charge “Take out or renew a mortgage” fact sheet, read the points to consider when comparing several offers.

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