How can I breathe new life into my professional career?

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In your forties, it can happen that you feel short of breath, a loss of speed in your career. Taking stock is essential, according to our personal development coach.

First of all, if a decline in motivation over the course of one’s professional career can be felt at any age and at any time in one’s life, this shortness of breath often occurs between the ages of 45 and 50. A pivotal era, where many see it as a crisis of the forties, even the fifties. Yet, for the personal development coach, Guillaume Bierrythis is, “the need to reconnect with the meaning of what we do and the meaning we give to our work“.

We evolve over time so our needs change, our aspirations change, we grow as people. What we are looking for today is probably not what we were looking for before. After a while, there may be questioning the meaning we give to our work. Shortness of breath can be felt in the beginning, before we become aware and we need to get closer to things in a different way“, adds Guillaume Bierry. But then, how to remedy this loss of speed and give new life to his career?

Why have I lost my motivation to work?

Doing the same job every day can end up not being fulfilling. It is often said that you have to overcome yourself, set new goals to see all that is left to accomplish. However, understanding and accepting that you have a loss of motivation is not always easy: “Sometimes, we have our heads in the handlebars for years and years and you don’t really think about yourself. Then, one day, you realize you need to breathe new life into your career when you ask yourself why I do what I do. We also realize this in relation to our feelings, we are less involved and happy to do what we do“.

How to breathe new life into your career?

For the coach there are several options for finding motivation.

  • Skills assessment:I think it’s a good idea to do a skill assessment. Having an external look from someone who makes us do a skills assessment can sometimes reveal qualities and attitudes, tastes, of which we were no longer aware and that we did not necessarily imagine in a professional way. Overall, you need to expose yourself to say ‘what do I want to do now?’ Now that I’ve evolved, it’s more in line with who I’ve become and what I aspire to“.
  • Identify the cause of this shortness of breath. “If there is something bothering me in my job, I will try to take the time to hear what it is and then tell me ‘ok, what is this discomfort about? A bad relationship on my team? Bad working conditions? Too long hours or overworked? ‘. Need identify what’s causing the discomfort and then solve “
  • mantra to “find the niaque”: “Know why you get up in the morning and have a clear idea of ​​whether you are telecommuting or going to work. We need to know why we’re here. Knowing motivates for everything else, even if we have conflicts or obstacles, we know why we do it. We keep the goal in sight. Create working conditions with which we are most in synergy to practice our profession. Or by changing the decor of his office, changing his hours, his schedules, rearranging his priorities and all that so that at the end of the day, we tell ourselves that his work matches who we are as a person.“.

Sometimes it also happens that this second wind does not make itself felt. If so, don’t hesitate to continue your search to find out who you are today and how you want to evolve.

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