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How big splashes will the online movie go to the stage for the Spring Festival? _IT Expert Network

The Spring Festival of 2021 is approaching. In previous years, it was the last time for film distributors to sprint, but this year is particularly special. On the one hand, traditional distribution is online, and live ticket sales have replaced offline roadshows; on the other hand, channels are online. , IQiyi, Youku, and Tencent Video (abbreviated as “Iyoteng”) three major streaming media platforms joined forces for the first time to launch the “‘New Year’s Day Movie Home’ 2021 Online Movie Spring Festival” event.

It is understood that iQiyi will launch the New Year’s Eve movie “The Legend of Shaolin Temple” and “Fa Cai Diary” on the first day of the new year on February 12. Whether in terms of cast or investment promotion, the scale of these two films is not inferior to the blockbuster movies of the same period. In addition, the three platforms have also officially announced more than 40 new online movies and blockbuster movies that are exempt from theaters, launching online Spring Festival files.

A media industry brokerage analyst said in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily that under the influence of the epidemic, the carrying capacity of offline theaters has declined compared with previous years. During the national entertainment time of the Spring Festival, how many streaming media platforms will be launched? This heavyweight film not only captures the consumer groups that cannot be carried offline, but also represents an innovation in the industry’s broadcast channels.

Li Zhongzhi, deputy director of the Network Audiovisual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, said: “The holding of the online movie Spring Festival event is an important milestone in the development of online movies, and it is also a concentrated expression of the industry’s awareness of responsibility.”

Online movie heads to the stage

In the impression of many people, online movies are collectively referred to as “Wang Da” (Internet big movies), which is synonymous with low-cost production. At the first China Online Film Week in 2019, under the joint initiative of the three platforms, “Internet Movies” removed the word “big” and adopted “Internet Movies” as the unified name for movies distributed through the Internet, which also marked the step of online movies. It has entered a new era of integration with the entire content industry.

According to the “Annual Report on China’s Online Film Industry” issued by the Online Film Working Committee of the China Film Association, the contribution rate of online films to the film industry has increased in the past year. In 2020, there will be 1,089 new movies in China, including 305 new movies released in theaters and 784 new movies released online, accounting for 72% of the total number of new movies. Under the trend of theater shutdowns and the overall decline in the movie market, the online performance of online movies will grow against the trend in 2020. The total number of effective online movies for the year is 52.8 billion, of which 11.2 billion online movies, an increase of 30% year-on-year. The proportion increased to 21%.

Under the general trend of “improving quality and reducing quantity”, the effect of making online movies has been remarkable. On the one hand, in 2020, there will be a total of 530 online movie feature films with less than 10 million effective broadcasts, a decrease of 103 from the same period last year; on the other hand, online movie box office has made a new breakthrough. In the whole year, a total of 79 new online movies will be accounted for. Breaking 10 million yuan, an increase of 41 movies; the box office scale of 10 million yuan movies was 1.39 billion yuan, an increase of 125%.

In terms of platforms, iQiyi released 385 new online movies and 42 movies with a box office of 10 million yuan on a single platform, an increase of 17 year-on-year. The cumulative box office of movies with a box office of more than 10 million reached 700 million yuan; Youku There are 217 new films, 23 films with a box office of 10 million yuan, and films with a box office of 10 million yuan, with a cumulative box office of 348 million yuan; Tencent Video’s new 159 new movies, 15 films with a box office of 10 million yuan. The cumulative box office of the new pure accounting film reached 534 million yuan.

In 2020, streaming media has become an important distribution channel for films. In China, 11 films headed by “Fat Dragon Crossing the River”, and overseas films such as “Tangling 2” and “Mulan” have participated in PVOD (Premium Video on Demand). With the high-end pay-on-demand model, the 17 films released by Warner Bros. in North America in 2021 will also be available on HBOMAX.

Super theater in PVOD mode

Looking back over the past year, the online movie environment has undergone major changes. In February 2020, “Fat Dragon Crossing the River” was launched on iQiyi, and the Chinese video platform launched its first exploration of the PVOD mode of movies. Along with the increase in the number of films and the diversification of types, iQiyi officially launched the online cinema brand “Super Cinema” in July last year.

From the effect point of view, the PVOD model has been recognized by both traffic and word of mouth. The film “Spring Tide”, which was first released in PVOD mode, was nominated for the best feature film and best director at the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards. “Spring River Plumbing” was selected as the top ten films of 2020 by the French “Cinema Manual”.

“Under the background that Internet platforms continue to penetrate into the lives of users and the country is stepping up efforts to combat pirated content, payment for content has gradually been accepted by consumers. It can be said that this is the best era for online content platforms, and it is also the launch of monolithic on-demand. The most appropriate moment of the model.” The above analyst believes that it is the first time that online platforms have made efforts during such an important period of the Spring Festival. In the past, filmmakers and platforms would have concerns. For large productions, offline box office revenue is still Is very impressive.

In 2020, the average price of Chinese movie tickets is 37 yuan. In contrast, the price of a paid movie for an online movie is generally only 12 yuan (half price for members). “In the past, offline was certainly the first choice for film producers, but with the increase in online playback rates and the diversification of the accounting model, the film producers began to reconsider the advantages and disadvantages of channels. At the same time, offline schedules are limited, while online playback has long Tail effect.” A think tank person who did not want to be named told the “Securities Daily” reporter. Take iQiyi as an example. On January 4, iQiyi released a new accounting rule for online movies. The original ratings of A, B, C, D, and E were adjusted to four grades of S, A+, A, and B. S-level movies are available. Apply the high-end pay-on-demand (PVOD) model to get the user’s VOD share At the same time, S-level films will also get the opportunity to enter the iQiyi Super Theater.

Yang Xianghua, president of iQiyi member and overseas business group, believes that good content is not limited to distribution models or large and small screens. He said, “iqiyi’s exploration of the PVOD model has been going on for a period of time, accumulating experience, constantly improving the user experience, and accumulating a group of users who are willing to pay. In the long run, the PVOD model can satisfy users’ freedom of choice. The diversified needs of film, at the same time, can form a new distribution method, and then form a new business model. Although there is still a lot of room for optimization in this model, we will always explore and move forward.”

IQiyi Creates Movie New Year Customs

“The Legend of Shaolin Temple’s Treasures” and “Fa Cai Diary” became the first “crab-eating” film.

According to the data, “The Legend of Shaolin Temple” is directed by Tang Jili, starring Wang Baoqiang, Ni Dahong, Wu Mengda, Liu Haoran and other actors. The producer is Beijing Lehuahua Film Co., Ltd. The company’s representative works include “The King of New Comedy” directed by Zhou Xingchi. . “Fortune Diary” is directed by Song Xiaobao, starring Song Xiaobao, Sha Yi, Ma Li, Zhang Yishan, and produced by Wuxi Guiying Golden Painting Culture Media Co., Ltd., Liaoning Folk Art Troupe Co., Ltd., and Beijing Blue Diamond Culture Media Co., Ltd. the company.

“As a film producer, I am optimistic about the direction of single film payment. Its development has a process of nurturing. Because of the transparency of the platform and the good accounting method, the filmmaker can get the money.” Tang Jili said, “Online film At present, it is an internal circulation model. Only when the internal circulation is established can the input be recovered normally. This cultivation process requires government support and network platform support.”

In fact, in addition to the two films mentioned above, all three platforms have launched a colorful “Nian Taste” channel for the Spring Festival. Take iQiyi as an example. During the 2021 Spring Festival, iQiyi will be in the current 10,000 film library. On the basis of this, we continue to absorb more new films, including “Auspicious Ruyi”, “Emergency Rescue”, “Bomb Disposal Expert 2”, “Deep Sea Shark 3”, “Push the Gourd and Raise the Pear”, “Genius Sparrow Mom”, “Spirit 1”, etc. Many different types of videos. At the same time, a series of special plans such as “Beijing New Audiovisual” and “Spring Festival Film Temple Fair” will also be launched.

Song Jia, vice president of iQIYI and general manager of the Film Center, said, “IQIYI’s Spring Festival files this year mainly starts from three points: to create New Year customs so that everyone can celebrate the New Year and watch blockbuster movies on the cloud; secondly, they will give movie tickets online. To create a New Year’s gift, users can give each other online movie tickets; third, to create a New Year’s taste, on the basis of the first time the Super Cinema provides new movies, the platform also opens many free blockbusters.”

Wu Manfang, co-chairman of the Online Film Working Committee of the Chinese Film Association, said, “We formally put forward the concept of online film Spring Festival files. In the short term, its significance will help increase the supply of high-quality online audiovisual programs during the Spring Festival and better satisfy the audience. The increasingly diversified cultural needs of film and television have allowed the masses of the people to enjoy a richer audiovisual feast. In the long run, high-quality online movies can form a synergy with cinema movies, expand and strengthen the movie market, and become a cultural industry. An important boost from the cycle to promote the development of the film industry and the building of a cultural power.”

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