How a Russian TV series is zombifying Ukrainian youth – the Ministry of Culture is sounding the alarm

The soundtrack to the series “The Boy’s Word” even took first position in the “Top 100 in Ukraine” rating on the music listening platform Apple Music. Ukrainian cultural figures and military personnel warn of danger.

The Ministry of Culture released statement about the inadmissibility of disseminating the new scandalous Russian series among Ukrainian youth.

“In the Ukrainian Internet space, in particular among teenagers, a Russian-produced series is being distributed, directly spreading violence, crime and aesthetics inherent in the aggressor country. It contains hostile propaganda, the existence of which in Ukraine during war is unacceptable,” the message says.

The Ministry of Culture noted that Russian content is not broadcast on official Ukrainian platforms. You can find it only on pirated and Russian resources, which are illegal actions.

“The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting has already included 22 Russian media services in the List of audiovisual media services on request and services of audiovisual service providers of the aggressor state as those that cannot be broadcast in Ukraine,” the ministry recalled.

The Ministry of Culture notes that this series is hostile to IPSO to influence Ukrainian teenagers. The department also condemned Ukrainian bloggers who continue to promote hostile content and play along with the occupiers.

What series are we talking about and what’s wrong with it?

And although the Ministry of Culture does not name the name, it is clear from the context that we are talking about the new Russian series “The Boy’s Word,” which is criticized even in the Russian Federation itself.

This is a story about youth criminal groups in Kazan in the late 1980s. The series “romanticizes” violence and crime. It was filmed using funds from the Russian budget. Of course, the Kremlin doesn’t just give money to just anyone.

Journalist “Commander in Chief“Marina Danilyuk-Yarmolaeva notes that with the help of this film, the Russian Federation” is passing on its cannibalistic ideology for those who were born in the early 1990s.” According to her, Russian propaganda inspires children that it is “cooler” to become a bandit than it is more convenient to study, play sports or art. According to the journalist, one of the heroes is very reminiscent of the young Putin. And the most ” “cool” character is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, that is, a direct analogy with the so-called “SVO”.

Orientalist and teacher Roman Nazarenko in an article in the publication “Ukrainian Week” writes that the main strategic idea of ​​the series is brainwashing the Russians.

“They don’t need critical and modern youth who pose uncomfortable questions, strive for innovation and think a lot about the future. In fact, Russia needs an aggressive street, conceptual, criminal and broken youth, which It’s easier to go astray and take it on a hook or send to the front “, notes Nazarenko.

And the Russians are already reaping the first “fruits” of the series. The other day in Irkutsk, Russia, teenagers, inspired by the TV series “The Boy’s Word,” killed a schoolboy at a bus stop because he was “not from their area.”

What is the danger for Ukrainians

The main audience of the series is young people. Ukrainian cultural figures are sounding the alarm that our children are “hooked” on this series, which is drawing young people into the anti-cultural space of the Russian Federation.

The soundtrack to the series Piyala by the Russian group Aigel took first position in the “Top 100 in Ukraine” rating on the music listening platform Apple Music.

In addition, in the Ukrainian segment of social networks, especially TikTok, video Reels with excerpts from the series are actively posted.

Famous Ukrainian director Lyubomir Levitsky in comments UNIAN emphasized that before the occupation, first comes cultural occupation.

“And then the question arises: tell me, please, what is the logic in the fact that our guys, our friends are dying – for what? In order to again experience these sensations from Russian films? Then there is no point in this. This is a great tragedy for me personally,” Lyubomir said.

The commander of the 2nd battalion of the 3rd Separate assault brigade, Dmitry Kukharchuk, also criticized Russian TV series “The Boy’s Word”.

“The end of the eighties, devastation, rampant crime among young punks, hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed as a result of the imperialist invasion of Afghanistan, general depression. But even from this crap, the Russians created another piece of propaganda crap called “The Boy’s Word.” “Brigada” and “Boomer” are resting. The main emphasis is on schoolchildren and the romanticization of the boyish theme among them,” the message says.

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