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Housing, work, appeal for donations, how Le Télégramme contributes to beautiful stories – Quimper

“I’m just looking for a studio in the center of Quimper. I want to do odd jobs to pay for training as an educator in nursing homes. Currently, I live in a hostel for young workers in Pont-l’Abbé but, without a permit, I can’t find a job. I have an aid of 800 €, but seeing my file, the donors tell me that it is better not that I have too much hope. I am told that my file is too fragile and that I should start by finding a job. The problem is that without accommodation in Quimper I cannot find any, ”said Youen Le Rhun in August 2021. A few months later, we found him happy, in his new apartment in Quimper. Following the article, an owner had contacted him on Facebook. “She told me that she was touched by my situation and that if I came to visit him quickly and liked him, he was for me”. A one-bedroom apartment, 28 m2, at €300. It’s heartbreak. He moved there at the beginning of September and found his first temporary job. “In one week, in Quimper, I had three job offers… As many as in six months in Pont-l’Abbé”.

For premature babies

At the beginning of May, the Prémas Breizh association in Quimper launched an appeal for donations in the columns of the Telegram. For more than two years, the Cornish association Prémas Breizh (formerly A Bras Cadabra 29) has been making everything necessary to dress babies born prematurely in the neonatology department of the Quimper hospital center and at the Keraudren clinic in Brest. But also at the Morvan hospital, where the two founders of the association, the Scaéroise Joëlle Lebourdais and the Quimperoise Annie Béal, are preparing to sign a partnership agreement. But the association lacked money to buy fabric and wool. Since the publication of the article, donations have been pouring in and Vice-President Annie Béal can only be delighted. This does not mean that things should be considered settled. Prémas Breizh obviously always accepts help.

A family of Chechen refugees relocated

Muslim, Elsa and their three children Rayana, Karim and Iran had been homeless since April 29, 2019. Previously, the couple and their three children lived in accommodation managed by Cada, the reception center for asylum seekers, in the Kermoysan district. The Secours populaire and Quimper-Cornouaille right of asylum could finance a few nights in a hotel for the Chechen family, but that’s all. Therefore, through the Telegram, the associations had called for help from individuals. Touched by the difficult situation of this family, an owner had offered accommodation for six months.

Solidarity Ukraine

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the media have relayed local accommodation needs for refugees, as well as shipments of medical equipment and basic necessities to the country which is under attack from the army. Russian since the end of February. Le Télégramme has created a specific section which lists all the actions carried out in all the municipalities and which allows everyone, at their own level, to make themselves useful. The wills are numerous and the actions diverse but they always denote this surge of humanism aroused by the war which continues to rage particularly in the Dombas.

Mustard, anecdotal but not really

At the head of La Régate, a restaurant on the side of Sables-Blancs in Douarnenez, Pierre Grandgirard indeed fulminates in the face of the shortage of certain products essential to his activity. Its renowned seafood platters are accompanied by homemade mayonnaise, to be thrown away every evening for hygienic reasons, hence the great need for oil and mustard. He launched a call yesterday, via Le Télégramme and social networks. For the oil, he found a solution, although expensive, but for the mustard, it’s another matter. Therefore he asks: “If inadvertently you notice that you have a few extra pots, we are ready to buy them back from you…” The offers on the site and the Facebook page of the Telegram were not long in flowing.

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