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House 2 Rumors and News: Drama and Secrets Unveiled on March 07, 2024

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today March 07, 2024:

  • Alexander Demin claims that Elizaveta Subbotina, who has new incriminating evidence on him, will not return to the project, since she met the man of her dreams in Tyumen. Is Demin wishful thinking?
  • Kenely Sykes conflicts with Alexey Bezus, believing that he is worse at “magic” than Sasha Demin. She also quarreled with other participants, directly telling them her own opinion.
  • Elina Rakhimova does not even want to communicate face-to-face with Alexandra Cherno, in a quarrel with Sasha and Diman Hooligan.
  • Kristina Bukhynbalte, who never visited the clearing of House 2, returned to Turkey, where Ivan Barzikov met her with flowers.
  • A young man who is older than Katya and has serious intentions came to Ekaterina Gorina. But for some reason Gorina claims that she had no relationship outside the perimeter, fearing that she would be accused of conspiring to return to the project?
  • Claudia Bezverkhova has already brought her son Robert to the clearing, with whom Igor Grigoriev communicates well.
  • In the clearing they discussed the reservation of Tigran Salibekov, who introduced his pregnant wife Victoria as Yulia Salibekova. The force of habit worked, Tigran justified himself.
  • Olga Orlova rushed off in the company of Ksenia Borodina to Altai to celebrate Ksyusha’s birthday. Andrey Cherkasov will conduct the television production alone or in the company of Anton Bekkuzhev.
  • Latest news house 2 from schlock.ru for today 03/07/2024 – project participants are actively advertising Simon Mardanshin’s free sports marathon, which he prepared so hard and because of which he was offended by Alexander Demin.
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