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Hot! “New-Chaipol” Khwan Jai Keng Kwang, the person offering Half a million per month – innnews

Hot! “NewChaiyaphonDeerOffer to care Half a million per month

Can’t be hot anymore! Freelance heroNewChaiyaphonTo have a girlfriend already personified But still dominates the heart of the deer, the gibbons I want to be the most fan in the three worlds This work is said that especially the large version of the dog want.New youngA lot of fansTo the point of submitting great offers, both home and car Let’s raise a lot Not enough, still being threatened by psychopaths, sending images of the genitals to turbulence, often via personal social media. at At this pointNew youngReady to open all secret stories, exclusive full list Z story Amarin TV channel

Seeing each other that someone offered to support PrompayNewA lot?

Is the ten people who come in contact But not like that calling Will have more messages on Instagram Then came in contact with a meal So many

Offer strangeNewJerderekma Most of what??

There are strange proposals Like asking to raise us Will pay as salary Half a million Ask for salary Have a house, have a car

What gender is the person I contacted for??

There are both sexes. Both women man But will be more male

Come in contactNewWhich way is special?

Most likely DM Direct message come I usually read.DMYes Reply to the fans who say hello Will always see the message Will have a lot of messages like this It’s such a thing But I didn’t care Will not read Will delete more than But you will see what has come in But not going to be fascinated with anything

What was the most strange thing? Is there a psychopath to deliver some items??

There are many strange things. There is no delivery Most of them are secret images. See more secret things I don’t know of anyone, I won’t answer at all. If it is an instant I’ll close it Don’t press to see

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