Horizon Zero Dawn PC, patch 1.01 fixes the first problems

In the last few days we have been following the case of Horizon Zero Dawn PC, game just arrived on the platform but plagued by various technical problems.

A rather curious case, given that, net of some reports that had been made to us before the launch, for our review we found only a handful of these defects and above all no crashes.

The first update provided by Guerrilla Games, the mind behind Horizon Zero Dawn, and the software house that took care of the port, Virtuos Games, “is a small initial patch; know that we are already working on the next one ».

The changelog includes the fix for a crash that occurred on startup because the SteamUI did not load correctly, “Some problems in the backend” and a video corruption for specific hardware. In this regard, additional hardware configurations are being tested to prevent further crashes.

Minor problems that have been handled include special characters that corrupted saves or did not save screenshots in photo mode.

The update is actually quite small and has a more “emergency” flavor than anything else, and it is no coincidence that defects are reported that still remain, are known and are being worked on, including the anisotropic filter and HDR that don’t work for all players.

More patches are planned for the next few weeks, so the Horizon Zero Dawn, after a turbulent start, should return to the ranks shortly, as per commitment from the original developer Guerrilla Games.

If you don’t want to get close to the PC version before all the bugs are fixed, you can catch up Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4 at a discounted price

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