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Horizon Forbidden West: Lawyer Questions Free Upgrade

The free upgrade of Horizon Forbidden West was a poorly positioned theme by Sony in some time in the advertising campaignbut Jim Ryan, head of SIE, hit the hammer and secured the free update do PS4 to PS5. This was one of the reasons why an American lawyer questioned the Japanese giant’s marketing.

Richard Hoeg, a lawyer at Hoeg Law, stated in the Twitter, that the disclosure made by the company is misleading. The main cause of the affront was Sony’s incorrect listing on the PS Store last week, where different prices for versions were recorded — causing confusion and discontent in the community.

Sony is offering a PS4 version with a “free” upgrade to the PS5 for $60, plus a PS5 version with a copy of PS4 included for $70. Same package. Two different prices. One is displayed more prominently than the other.

The PS4 version does not appear to be offered by the PS5 store. They haven’t even updated their FAQ (which is now a complete lie). It’s like they want to be prosecuted.

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In a separate interview with VGC, Hoeg suggested that this type of action is subject to a collective action. It also guides Sony to take a different tack and be clearer in marketing Horizon Forbidden West.

I think this kind of thing is subject to class action […] I would definitely advise Sony to change tack on this.

The simplest would be to change the price of the PS5 version to $60 to match the PS4 version.

The second simplest thing would be to ensure that the PS4 version is available for purchase through the PS5, with a very clear warning that the player will have both.

Horizon Forbidden West arrives in February 18th to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Horizon Forbidden West Campaign Takes Over Buildings Around the World

As we are approaching the release date of Horizon Forbidden West, Sony has spread a lot of art from the game around buildings, subway stations and other real-life “points of interest”. Check the details!

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