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Honor Magic V2: Global Release and Possible Availability in Czech Republic

photo: Honor

The extremely impressive Honor Magic V2 is finally reaching beyond the borders of China and we will indeed see it in Europe as well. The phone will be presented in the West on September 1st at the IFA 2023 trade fair, but it is hard to say whether this model will also reach the Czech Republic this time.

When the Honor Magic V2 was launched a few weeks ago, it was a huge success almost everywhere. The manufacturer has managed to cram the best possible equipment that can be expected from a flexible phone into a record light and thin body. The Mavic V2 is lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and thinner when folded than some flagship phones. In short, from a structural point of view, it is again a very impressive piece.

So it’s great news that Honor has finally started talking more specifically about a global release. With the slogan “Unfold Tomorrow”, the global presentation date of September 1 at the IFA 2023 fair was published. Theoretically, the manufacturer could present some other phone, since in the picture we can see a straight one next to the bent line, but it could also just be the Magic V2 in the closed state.

In short, not much can be read from one cryptic picture. We in the Czech Republic can only hope that the manufacturer will not forget us this time, but unfortunately the chances are not high. We will probably have to wait until the OnePlus Open, which is to be released wherever the other flagship models of the brand are now available.

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