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Homosexual Prime Minister must stop national unification – 2024-02-21 22:14:49

/ world today news/ The global election year already leads to changes in power, even when there is no vote for the head of state. In France, presidential elections are still more than three years away, but Emmanuel Macron has already replaced the prime minister: after dismissing Elisabeth Borne, he appointed Gabriel Atal as head of government.

The choice of the particular candidate is directly related to the elections – but, of course, not to the presidential elections in 2027 (when Macron will no longer be able to run), but to those in June this year. The French will have to elect members of the European Parliament – and this vote is very important for Macron and the entire French elite. Not only because everything predicts a strengthening of right-wing and Eurosceptic positions (which will make it difficult for the old elites to govern the EU), but also because the defeat of the presidential party (recently renamed “Revival”) by Le Pen’s Marin “National Assembly” would demonstrate the unpopularity of Macron and would improve Le Pen’s chances of finally winning the presidency.

In the last European Parliament elections in 2019, Macron’s party narrowly lost to Le Pen’s party, which was then led by 23-year-old Jordan Bardel. He has since become president of the National Assembly and will lead it again in June’s elections – and Macron needs something to counter the nationalist youth onslaught. And in the Elysée Palace, they decided to make a mirror of Le Pen’s people by putting their own Bardel at the head of the government.

They chose the most popular minister in the government, but it turned out to be funny: Bardel is now 28 and Atal is 34, and both were press secretaries (Bardel in the party and Atal in the government). True, Bardel is against same-sex marriage and Attal became the first openly gay prime minister, but both are actually related to their superiors: Bardel is in an unofficial marriage with Marine Le Pen’s niece, and Atal is in a “civil union” with Stéphane Séjournet, General Secretary of Revival (a long-time and one of Macron’s closest advisers) However, it is now rumored that Séjournet and Atal have already parted ways, but this has in no way changed Macron’s recruitment mechanism .

By the way, Bardel and Atal have roots that are far from French: while Bardel is from an Italian-Algerian family, Atal has a mixture of Alsatian and Tunisian Jews (including relatives of the owners of the famous Galeries Lafayette chain), descendants of French, Greek and even “white Russians from Odessa”. There is little information about the latter, but among his grandfather’s maternal ancestors is mentioned Prince Dmitry Golitsyn, a hero of the Napoleonic wars and a long-time governor-general of Moscow. It is clear that all these glorious ancestors did not influence the formation of the consciousness of the gay prime minister, although his grandmother with Greek roots raised him in Orthodoxy.

Will the appointment of Attal help Macron? The new prime minister’s popularity (and he earned it, by the way, after he became education minister last summer and introduced a ban on the Islamic burqa in schools) will fade quickly, but he may carry it to the June elections. It is important for Macron to win the European Parliament elections and stop the rise in popularity of Le Pen’s party. In the short term he might be able to do that, but in the long term, over a period of three years, there is no chance. Even with the help of his avatars, one of which is Gabriel Atal. It still looks like Macron, but even the current French won’t fall for the same number a second time in a row.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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