Homey app for iOS gets support for Siri Shortcuts – Image and sound – News

Athom adds support for Siri Shortcuts to the Homey app for iOS. This allows Homey users, for example, to activate so-called ‘flows’ via Siri. Support will be added in version 6.5.0 of the app.

Athom announces Siri Shortcuts support for Homey on his website. Met Siri Shortcuts iOS users can automate certain tasks. This function already worked with several services, and now also supports Homey. This allows users of this smart home platform to execute their flows via Siri.

With such flows, supported smart devices and services can be linked together. Homey users can start Netflix for example via a single flow and dim the lighting indoors. New support for Siri Shortcuts allows users to activate flows through the Siri voice assistant. Previously, this was only possible by opening the app and manually activating the flow.

Also, thanks to the new update, flows can run automatically when certain things happen on a user’s iOS device. Athom mentions, for example, automatically opening Zigbee curtains when the alarm goes off on an iPhone, or opening a smart lock when the iPhone scans an NFC tag.

Homey Siri Shortcuts
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