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SK.12 Songkhla advises parents to take care of their children during the rainy season.

Worried about getting sick with a respiratory infection from RSV (RSV)

The Office of Disease Prevention and Control 12, Songkhla Province (SKOR.12 Songkhla) advises parents to closely monitor their children’s symptoms. Especially children under 5 years of age, be careful of getting sick with respiratory infections from the RSV virus (RSV), especially now that there is rain in many areas. Emphasis on prevention By washing your hands often Do not share drinking glasses with others. and avoid close contact with sick people Most of the treatment It is symptomatic treatment. If it doesn’t get better, go see a doctor immediately.

Dr. Wanwisak Kanchanaporn, Deputy Director of the Office of Disease Prevention and Control 12 Songkhla Province Mentioning the situation of respiratory infections caused by the RSV virus (RSV) in the age group of 0-5 years from 2017-2023, 27,673 patients were found, with 125 deaths, with the most cases found in young children. 1 year 28.45 percent, followed by 2 years old 21.95 percent and 3 years old 16.80 percent. For Health Zone 12 in 2023, 216 patients were found, most found in Phatthalung Province with 126 cases, Narathiwat (25 cases), Songkhla (16 cases), Trang (16 cases), Pattani (15 cases), Satun (13 cases) and Yala (5 cases) RSV disease surveillance data, HDC system, Digital Division for Disease Control, Department of Disease Control, as of 31 March 2023

Respiratory tract infection caused by the RSV virus (RSV) is caused by a patient being exposed to the RSV virus. which is a virus that causes diseases related to the respiratory tract Patients can be found in all age groups. But the symptoms are more severe in young children. and elderly people over 65 years of age, including people with chronic medical conditions. It is often found in the rainy season and winter. Symptoms generally resemble the common cold. Often found in young children Initially, there will be only mild symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, until severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, sunken chest, and hearing abnormal lung sounds. There is a wheezing sound. Eating less food and feeling lethargic Treatment will be symptomatic.

Female doctor Wanwisakha added Regarding the prevention of respiratory infections caused by the RSV virus (RSV), at present there is no vaccine to prevent the disease. Introducing parents Observe your child’s symptoms Especially under 5 years of age, wash your hands with soap or clean water often. Avoid using your hands to touch your face, eyes, nose, and mouth. You should cover your mouth and nose. When coughing and sneezing, wear a mask. Do not share personal items with others. Avoid taking children to play in crowded places. Clean your home and frequently touched items. If you are sick, you should stop studying. and take him to see a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

For educational institutions: 1. Set up a system for screening sick students before entering the educational institution. 2. If a student is found to be sick, May consider closing/opening educational institutions to slow down the outbreak and spread of infection. (Depending on the discretion of public health officials and educational institutions) 3. Schools should understand parents and students. Make parents and students understand the need to keep sick students off school. 4. Management within educational institutions 4.1 Educational institutions prepare handwashing stations. (Water with soap or alcohol gel) Emphasis on bathrooms and cafeterias. 4.2 Clean equipment that must be touched together, such as stair railings, computer players. Regularly set up drinking water dispensers. 4.3 Prepare face masks in the hospital room. 4.4 Organize exercise activities. To build immunity for students and school personnel. 4.5 Have students prepare their own drinking glasses and eating spoons. If a cluster of illnesses is found in the school Please notify the public health agency immediately. in the area to control disease For more information, call the Department of Disease Control hotline, call 1422.

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