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HKEAA Discontinues ‘Easy Invigilation’ for HKDEE, Candidates Can Still Use ‘Easy Registration’

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2024-04-12 HKT 19:17

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  • HKEAA: From tomorrow onwards, the “Easy Invigilation” will be discontinued for the Hong Kong Diploma Examination, but candidates can continue to use the “Easy Registration”

The HKEAA announced that the electronic roll call system “Easy Invigilation” will be discontinued from tomorrow for the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, but “Easy Registration” will continue to be used.

Wei Xiangdong, Secretary-General of the HKEAA, admitted that the electronic roll call system had accidents for two consecutive days yesterday and today. Preliminary indications are that the main problem is the “Invigilator Easy” used by the invigilators. The relevant problems will also take some time to resolve. In order not to affect the progress of the examination, It has been decided to deactivate the “Easy Invigilation” from tomorrow. As for the “Easy Registration” used by candidates, it will not be greatly affected and can make it convenient for candidates to sign in, so it will continue to be used.

Wei Xiangdong said that the electronic roll call system operated smoothly at the beginning today, and about 200 school examination rooms successfully used it. However, later on, system congestion problems occurred when invigilators logged into the “Invigilation Easy”. In the end, about half of the candidates successfully used the system. It is reiterated that the exam will start as scheduled and will not be affected. He also revealed that the development costs of “Easy Invigilation” and “Easy Registration” totaled nearly NT$9 million, but the name of the contractor could not be disclosed for the time being.

Cui Zhaobin, head of information technology of the HKEAA, said that one and a half months ago, the contractor took 2 to 3 days to complete the stress test of the system. The test results at that time showed that it could handle a large number of candidates, and there was no need to use a third party to conduct stress testing. As for why today There may be some unexpected problems this time, which need to be investigated together with the contractor.

Mak Jin-sang, Director of Public Examinations of the HKEAA, said that starting from tomorrow, invigilators will use paper rolls to record the attendance records of candidates. They will also count the number of answer sheets manually and verify them with the signatures of two invigilators. This practice is different from the absence of electronic roll call. The system is the same as before. I believe the invigilator is familiar with the relevant operations.

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