HK Nitra – HC Grotto Presov 3: 1 / Extraliga types

yesterday 18:28

HK Nitra hockey players won in Sunday’s home match of the 30th round of the Tipos extra league over HC Grotto Prešov 3: 1.

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HK Nitra – HC Presov 3: 1 (1: 0, 1: 1, 1: 0)

Goals: 5. Varga (Tvrdoň, Hrnka), 40. Sýkora (Nemec), 55. Raskob (Buček, Baláž) – 29. Nauš (F. Fekiač)

Judges: Baluška, Goga – Šefčík, Jedlička, suspension: 4: 7, power-ups and weakening: 0: 0, 863 spectators


Nitra: O’Connor – Mezei, S. Nemec, Švarný, Raskob, Pupák, Rais – Buček, Baláž, Holešinský – A. Sýkora, Rockwood, Hrnka – Tvrdoň, Bajtek, R. Varga – Drábek, Šramaty, Volko – Múčka

Prešov: Petrík – Rajnoha, F. Fekiač, Bakala, Glazkov, Růžička, Turan, Ťavoda – Klíma, V. Fekiač, Zagrapan – Žilka, Šimun, Michnáč – Nauš, Čacho, Welychka – Lialka, Vas, J. Sýkora

The home hockey players entered the match more actively. They held most of the opening five minutes of the puck on their own hockey sticks and were rewarded for it. In the 5th minute, just after the end of the power play, Varga prevailed after Tvrdoň’s pass. An almost identical situation took place in front of the guests’ goal even in the 8th minute, when the players exchanged tasks, but the end of Tvrdoň was eliminated by Petrík. The Prešov goalkeeper had to be on the lookout at the end of the third, when he skated Buček’s goal twice, but without a goal effect.

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At the beginning of the middle part, Welychka jumped off the penalty bench, but he failed to cope in the escape, Raskob made an excellent return. The Prešov team played more ground and in the 29th minute he managed to score in the form of Nauš – 1: 1. Buček offered a nice moment of the second period two minutes before the end, who got rid of Turan in a small space, but aimed only over Petrík’s goal. The 17-year-old Sýkor did better, who sent Nitra to the lead 24 seconds before the end of the third with the assistance of another German “basketball player”.

In the 48th minute, he found himself in his favorite area in the Buček power play, but his shot from the first Petrík stopped, as well as the German shot. Two minutes later, on the other side, he turned his back on Lialka’s goal and dangerously shot a backhand into O’Connor’s shoulder. In the 55th minute, he got to the thrown puck Buček, whose attempt Petrík stopped, but Raskob could not cover the finish and the American defender closed the final 3: 1.

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