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his state of health at its worst, victim of major complications after his operation!

Operated on the chest a few weeks ago (end of July to be exact), Nabilla did not follow the advice of her doctor and had a bad surprise. The former reality TV contestant noticed blood loss and dread to have to be re-operated. Explanations.-

Operated in the heart of summer, Nabilla had to face a major ban: she no longer has to carry her son for two months: “It bothers me a little bit. But it’s not big deal. His father will wear it. I have a voucher entourage. But the stress rises a little. It’s nothing but I’m gonna watch my son and I won’t be able to carry him“.

Obviously, it did not take long to depart from the rule, which could cost her dearly: “Yesterday, I said to myself it hurts less, I couldn’t resist I wore it all day yesterday. And suddenly I don’t know if I don’t have stitches that have farted because I am in a lot of pain and I am losing a little blood”She explained on her account Snapchat. She goes on to say that she had to go to the doctor to see what it is: “So I’ll go to the doctor. I just hope no one will tell me that there is something that has farted inside that we are going to have to operate again because I would go crazy

Thomas stung by a scorpion

At the same time, Thomas also had a difficult time, since he was stung by a scorpion. A terrible adventure that Nabilla shared with her subscribers on her Snapchat account: “We were watching a movie with Paul and Thomas went to get a drink. Suddenly his straws fall on the floor and he said: ‘Help baby, help! I’m in too much pain, I’m going to die. ‘ Thomas never hurts, he doesn’t give a damn. We looked at each other with Paul and we didn’t understand. But you could tell he was in real pain. He was doubled over, he was crying. In fact he got stung by a scorpion“.

If Nabilla avenged his companion by killing the scorpion, for his part Thomas shared his feelings on social networks: “JI was barefoot and suddenly I had the impression of walking on embers or on a cigarette butt but to the power of ten. It burned my foot. I fell and I no longer felt my pied. There, I see a beast leaving. I stepped on the scorpion… We called a doctor but there was nothing to do, no medicine to take. You just had to clean the wound. I didn’t feel my foot for a good forty-five, fifty minutes ”. Finally, more fear than harm.

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