His iPhone flies to Honolulu without him, he finds it via Locate

Regularly, the press relates the unusual adventures of Apple products. Today is the turn of an iPhone lost during a Qantas flight, which would have carried out several international trips before being returned to its rightful owner.

As of May 6, 2022, in a thread on an Australian forum, a user asks if there is a way to contact the company in Sydney to find his iPhone which would have slipped between two seats and would still be on a plane. Despite several attempts, the latter was unable to obtain official assistance.

During this time and thanks to the network Locatehe was able to follow the wanderings of his iPhone, which left Sydney to Aucklandbefore jumping to Honolulu then several round trips between Sydney and Auckland. After several hours of flights and a lot of support from Internet users, the story ended well and the iPhone was found and finally returned to its owner! However, the misadventure raises a few questions, in particular about the cleaning / security checks of the devices or the need not to leave your iPhone lying around at the risk of never finding it.

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