his colleagues reveal his violent side off camera

Jean-Pierre Pernaut is adored all over France. Calm, clear, serene, professional, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has won the hearts of the French for years. And even more since his few televised blood attacks which denounce the management of the health crisis by the government. But some of his work colleagues denounce him. They explain whereas the presenter would be “capable of breaking everything” during his tantrums. Jean-Pierre Pernaut has never shown this image of himself in front of the cameras. This is news that will amaze the fans of the presenter.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: an unknown face of the presenter

On the TF1 platforms, Pernaut would be a real terror for its teams. He, however, who seems so calm in appearance, would in reality be an angry person. Some time ago, theExpress publishes a paper on Jean-Pierre Pernaut. A description of the flagship presenter of the TF1 news which learns from it a lot to his fans. The purpose of the article was to reveal the true personality of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the one he will take care to hide on the air.

The journalists ofExpress took the time to gather several testimonies. They met former collaborators and current collaborators of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. And the comments that came up most often concerned the black anger of the presenter. One of the testimonies even goes so far as to say that Jean-Pierre Pernaut would be “capable of breaking everything and overturn his office with the computers on it ”. A testimony that is cold in the back. Especially since we never imagined that Jean-Pierre Pernaut could be so angry in nature. And that’s not all because the testimonies of different people agree on this subject. Some even agree that the presenter would be very stubborn.

Pernaut has the qualities of his faults, and the faults of his qualities

Even if the journalists of theExpress allow the testimonies to draw a portrait of angry Jean-Pierre Pernaut, they still round the angles. Indeed, if Jean-Pierre Pernaut gets angry so often on set it is because he has a lot of pressure. It’s the broadcaster of JT and he knows his work has something to do with it. So he’s constantly tweaking and trying to achieve perfection. It is his commitment to his fans and his professionalism that would drive him to get angry. Jean-Pierre Pernaut can therefore get angry black because he is never really completely satisfied with the work accomplished. As a perfectionist, he is very hard on himself and expects the same rigor from his collaborators.

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