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Hideo Kojima’s Vague Movie Reviews Spark Internet Frenzy

Well-known game producer Hideo Kojima has a lifelong passion for movies. He often shares his movie-watching experiences on his personal social networking site, sometimes in several paragraphs, sometimes in just one sentence. Recently, his sharing of watching “Mrs. Spider” has accumulated tens of millions of views in two days. Many followers interpreted what Kojima wanted to express, and some foreign media compiled his works that he once commented on in one sentence.

Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man Universe “Madame Web” is the latest Marvel superhero movie. It tells the story of a rescue worker who accidentally gains the ability to predict the future and becomes a female version of Spider-Man. However, it premiered in U.S. theaters on February 14. The film flopped at the box office, with the protagonist’s acting, confusing dialogue and narrative rhythm disappointing the audience.

Hideo Kojima, whose body is 70% made up of movies, often posts photos of himself with A-list movie stars and popular directors on Twitter. This time he went to the cinema to watch “Mrs. Spider”, but compared to the large number of enthusiastic writings, “Mrs. Spider” “The conclusion is too brief, not even a review, “I went to the theater to watch “Mrs. Spider”.

Fans believe that Hideo Kojima will write such vague content after watching a movie he doesn’t like, and the length of his comments is proportional to his love for the movie. Foreign media Culture Crave has compiled similar short comments that Kojima has previously published. Works, including “Captain Marvel”, “Indiana Jones: Wheel of Fortune”, “Pacific Rim 2” and so on.

Some people said that no one reads the film review site Rotten Tomatoes anymore, and instead choose to read Kojima reviews as a movie viewing indicator. Others are not impressed that the critically acclaimed “Super Mario Bros. Movie” is on the list. A passerby metaphorically expressed appreciation for movies. subjectivity.

“It’s funny that he does that, but my opinion is still important, not his.”

Hideo Kojima commented on Marvel Studios’ Disney+ exclusive TV series “Moon Knight” on March 3. He explained in detail how much he loves the show and revealed that he is a fan of actor Oscar Isaac, and even insisted on Blu-ray I didn’t watch the first episode until the version was released so that I can follow the entire series.

“It’s amazing! It’s so original! The artistic level, world view, directorial approach, and narrative rhythm are different from any superhero movie I’ve ever seen. The focus is that the protagonist Stephen (another personality) is lonely and weak. I never I never expected Oscar Isaac to be such a pathetic and unattractive person, but it’s a good thing he succeeded in playing this difficult role with an excellent performance.”

The image aesthetics pursued by Hideo Kojima are shown in “Death Stranding”, his first work after leaving Konami. He uses cinematic camera movements to create profound cutscenes to advance the plot, and uses the advantages of the game to give players a full sense of immersion. .

Extended reading: The documentary “Hideo Kojima: Connecting the World” will be launched exclusively on Disney+STAR channel in the spring of 2024

“Death Stranding” sold 4.39 million copies during its exclusive period on PS4. On the third anniversary of its release, it entered all platforms and attracted tens of millions of players. At the end of last year, Kojima Studio announced that it would work with A24 to remake the “Death Stranding” live-action movie and sequel “Death Stranding 2” It is expected to be launched in 2025.

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