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“Hey Cancer, you picked the wrong one”

“Gude Steine ​​Rodgau” put a heart out of “Mutmach stones” (Photos: p / sit)

This diagnosis surely pulls the ground under everyone’s feet first: Krebs. Before you can sort your thoughts, it’s about the upcoming therapy. Good for those who feel that they are in good hands and understood. Katharina Stanke, in the Rodgauer Gude Stones group active, knows a thing or two about it. Now she wanted the center in which they theI knowhas endured a difficult time, giving something back and, above all, encouraging other women suffering from breast cancer.

“With courage comes success”, “Heroine”, “FightHopeLove ”,“ Hey Cancer, you picked the wrong one ”- the stones are colorful, encourage you and want promise “everything will be fine”. “Green is hope” and “Never give up” the stone painters of the Rodgau group have their little works of art among other things described. Many more Further Motifs adorn the colorful eye-catchers. “Guardian Angel”, “You are toll”Or“ Cancer affects us all ”show those affected that they are not alone.

Katharina Stanke lays out the stones of her Rodgau group. (Photo: sit)

When Katharina Stanke received her diagnosis five and a half years ago and after an operation in the outpatient oncological center (AOZ) her chemotherapy at the Klinikum in Offenbach received, she felt very well taken care of there and not alone. “The team was just warm and I felt very well received!”says the 56-year-old about this difficult time in her life. She wishes the same for all the other patients here and has considered laying out stones from her group from Rodgau.

Patricia Prescher, the team leader of the AOZ, and Prof. Dr. Christian Jackisch were happy to support the campaign. In the meantime, the heart-shaped stones adorn the entrance to the center and each patient can create her own Encouragement-Take stone with you. This was initially accepted hesitantly, perhaps no one wanted to “destroy” the wonderful heart. Some women stood in front of it and criedon, others have photographed it. In any case the action touches the people and whoever likes can sone personal Take the message with you to hold on to.

the Rodgauerin has with her Gude Steine-Gruppe are still planning some actions. For example, November should be the “Movember” will –attention should be drawn to the health of men and appropriate stones are painted and laid out.

The team from the outpatient oncological center with Katharina Stanke and Herz. (Photo: p)

The Rodgauer group is directed by Ramona Raab, together with Andrea Petzold and Katharina Stanke organizes them Everyone Actions. Since the beginning of 2020, the group has been painting stones and distributing them in the city, field and Forest and delights the finder. Many publishn den Fund in Facebook. There are almost 20 fellow campaigners who regularly take part in various activities. That was the last one initiated by Katharina Stanke Heart actionin the AOZ or participation in childrenfestival of the city of Rodgau, this for the second time in Nieder-Roden on the Puiseauxplatz took place. Quite a few are irregular The painter more there. According to her own estimates, Katharina Stanke has painted up to 2500 stones so far. “Sometimes it’s like painting therapy for me,” she explains. For the AOZ campaign alone, she has Mother of two sons painted almost 70 stones.

Who likes the Gude Stones Rodgau want to connect, can theby the way do it at any time: You can easily be found on Facebook and look forward to inquiries.

(Text: sit)

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