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Hermès Pegasus: A Fantasy Theater Experience in Shanghai

Hermès invites the audience to dive into the fantasy world woven by Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael, choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey and Astragales dance company. They can ride on the wings of Hermès together, listen to the ode to beautiful dreams, and witness the blending of dreams and reality.

“This performance is a metaphor for ‘lightness’, which is everywhere at Hermès: it wanders between the dexterous fingers of craftsmen who are familiar with double-needle sewing techniques, pervades the elegant connotations of many excellent materials, and lingers in the subtleties. In the collision and interweaving of fragrance notes, dream craftsmen create an adventure that ignites endless imagination.” said Pierre-Alexis Dumas, global artistic director of Hermès.

Act One: Reversal of the World

Act Two: The Migrating Gloves

Act Three: Finger Circus

In a huge, open and deep space like a studio, seven scenes unfold slowly in sequence, telling the story of the mythical winged horse Pegasus and the seven ponies. Dance, object theatre, music and film blend with each other, and the seven performances are waiting for the audience to explore in their own unique settings; as fantasy landscapes and utopian countries emerge, poetic and exquisite statues and Hermès objects transform into elegant puppets, whirling and dancing in the hands. The space is lifelike.

Act 4: Apparition

Act Five: Baobao Quartet

Dancers, choreographers, lighting engineers and video technicians work together to present a delightful and fantastic audio-visual feast: the miniature circus is full of vitality; the Kelly Bag Choir performs a witty opera; the overlapping gloves embark on a migration to the lyrical melody Journey; the breeze blows, and the dancing lovers blend into the blue sky with the wind… A series of vivid scenes were captured in real time by Jaco Van Dormael’s lens and projected on the giant screen at the scene, recreating the illusion of the movie as if it were a real dream. charm.

Act Six: Weightless Space

Act Seven: Time and Space Reversal

After touring in Tokyo, Paris, Taipei, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, the global tour of the fantasy theater “Hermès Pegasus” comes to Shanghai, presenting the audience with the light, joyful and touching story of Hermès through an immersive sensory experience. dream world.

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