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here’s what becomes of his manor in Quebec!

Céline Dion is a singer and a businesswoman. Thus, strong u success of her career in song, she did not wait to invest in real estate. But the mansion that we will tell you about in this article is much more sentimental than any real estate. Indeed, it is the manor of Céline Dion’s mother, Thérèse, who will soon be razed.

Celine Dion learns that her mother’s mansion should soon be destroyed

This former mansion that belonged to Céline Dion is located on Gagnon Island, near Laval, in Quebec. This residence was sold by the singer for the sum of 10 million dollars in 2016. Céline Dion hoped for 30 million but she made a reason. It is in this fantastic place that Thérèse Dion, Céline Dion’s dear mother, lived. The one who raised Celine Dion and who allowed her to discover music and song died at the beginning of 2020. Céline Dion paid tribute to her by not stopping her tour. She preferred to continue performing shows while dedicating some of her songs to her tender mother.

A large-scale project is planned in place of Céline Dion’s mom’s mansion

It is therefore with great emotion that the singer must learn the city’s plan for this manor. Indeed, the manor is threatened with being razed to be replaced by a huge tourist complex. They are our colleagues from Montreal Journal which reveals this scoop following the interview with the promoter in charge of the project. He is a certain François Duplanti and he wishes to make the island of Gagnon an unmissable place from an international point of view.

A tourist and real estate complex wants to make the island of Gagnon an essential place

The beautiful island of Gagnon is large enough to have eight hectares of building land. The objective would then be to raze the entire island to be able to install 660 condominium residences there. Luxurious apartments in towers of two to six floors. But that’s not all, because to attract tourists, there are also plans to build a prestigious hotel. Indeed, the hotel will have no less than five stars and more than thirty rooms. In this large hotel to come, there are also plans to install a spa and no less than two restaurants.

Celine Dion will have to say goodbye to part of her life, part of her mother’s life

And this part of the project does not yet take into account the space that the old manor of Celine Dion will leave. Indeed, with the destruction of this manor, 495 homes will be created. But also another hotel with more than 100 rooms. This hotel will be of three stars. Thus, it is tourists of different social classes who can afford a vacation in this corner of paradise in Quebec.

The diva will cope, she is certainly more prepared than we think

If Céline Dion is shaken to learn this news, she still had to suspect the implementation of such a project. When Céline Dion sells her mother’s mansion, she hands it over to a real estate company. It is therefore Olymbec who has since owned this place. And Céline Dion had to imagine that such a company would buy this large piece of land to build multitudes of apartments. There is also talk of setting up a retirement home and a residence suitable for the elderly. All not far from a large performance hall that will host all kinds of entertainment and cultural activity.

Once again, Céline Dion will know how to stay strong and show courage. Since the death of sono René in 2016, we must admit that everything was not easy for the singer. But her fans know she has been able to handle anything since she survived this tragedy.

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