Here’s how to register to be able to sell on Tiktok Shop

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Social media in providing a platform for online sellers is starting to develop, one of which is Tiktok which provides a container with a “Tiktok Shop” container, aiming for sellers to be able to input products and make sales on social media.

Because with the selling feature from Tiktok, consumers who want to buy these products can directly place orders and pay directly without the need to make consumers leave the application.

Moreover, the steps taken to be able to sell products in stores on Tiktok only use ID cards. The purpose of uploading a photo of your ID card is so that Tiktok can verify that the seller is real and does not intend to commit fraud.

There is valid data from asking for a user’s ID card for guarantee so that Tiktok knows that the system can have data from existing data. This of course aims to protect consumers from rogue sellers.

To get verification from Tiktok, users must also wait for the process for 1 day, so that the seller’s TikTok Shop account is confirmed as a real seller.

Then how to register so that prospective sellers can create a Tiktok shop account, here’s how:

  • First, open the Tiktok Shop Seller Center web page, or you can directly click this link
  • If you have received the verification code, enter the code from the Tiktok calc enter team then click Log in.
  • After that, this online seller will be asked to verify the contact information by filling in the email address and verification code. Then click Next
  • After that, a page will appear to fill in the seller’s shop details, namely the address and mobile number that is still active.
  • If so, the Set Up display will appear. Well, the seller has not been able to upload product photos. This is because the seller has not uploaded a photo of the ID card.
  • If you want to keep trying to upload product photos, the Submit button will not be clickable because it has not met the specified administrative requirements. For that, sellers need to upload a photo of their ID card.

The process for registering the features of the tiktok shop application itself is easier than permanently. In fact, there are no special requirements to be able to register to start selling on the Tiktok application.

Not only creator accounts can register to be part of this Tiktok feature, ordinary accounts can also register to be part of the Tiktok shop. This also applies to the number of followers, no matter how many followers you have on tiktok, you can still register at a store owned by Tiktok.


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