Here’s how to prevent annoying hip problems

The hip is the joint that more than others is affected by the weight of the whole body. It is primarily responsible for our correct walking, which is why it is necessary to prevent any trauma.

As with any joint, there may be problems due to the lack of synovial fluid, responsible for lubricating the joint itself. In these cases, you will experience severe pain in the hip and have trouble walking properly.

Disorders of this kind begin to arise after the age of 50 for various reasons.
One of the main causes is theosteoartrosi, the progressive consumption of the cartilage that covers the joints.

Other causes include bone or muscle problems, such as inflammations, bursitis and tendonitis. Although all this occurs more frequently after a certain age, it is not certain that some symptoms may not present early. Let’s see how it is possible to act in advance and avoid more serious consequences.

Here’s how to prevent annoying hip problems

The first form of prevention is posture. Incorrect posture leads to pain in both the back and the lower and upper limbs.

Walking straight guarantees the right distribution of weight throughout the body, without one part being affected more than others.

The second thing to do is to use the right shoes. A flat sole is dangerous for those suffering from back and hip problems. It is better to always opt for cushioned shoes or in any case, if it is an elegant boot, for example, with a little heel.

The third point is stretching. Stretching every day, especially in the morning, helps keep muscles and joints supple, thus preventing injury.

Articulation and more

The fourth effective method of prevention is taking care of your bones. The supply of vitamin D through exposure to the sun and the consumption of certain specific foods is essential for bone health.

Here’s how to prevent annoying hip problems, it’s very simple and requires only small daily tricks.

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