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Here’s How to File a Complaint – NBC New York (47)

Due to a shortage of infant formula on the market and supply chain disruptionsNew York Attorney General Letitia James warned Wednesday that price gouging in the state is illegal.

The Democrat urges New Yorkers to be alert to possible price increases for baby formula and to report any drastic price increases to her office. Additionally, she encourages parents who are having difficulty finding formula Talk to your child’s doctor before trying to dilute the formula or make your own, as both can be potentially dangerous to a child. James asks that anyone with extra unopened and unexpired formula consider donating it to their local food pantry.

The District Attorney’s Office is aware of reports of baby formula being sold online at prices well above its retail value.

“The national shortage of baby formula is frightening for parents concerned about how to feed their children,” said Attorney General James. “The last thing any family needs is a price increase on critical nutrition for their little ones, which is why I am warning speculators looking to take advantage of this crisis. If New Yorkers see skyrocketing increases in the price of baby formula, I encourage them to report it to my office immediately.”

Due to shortages across the country, prosecutors advise consumers to buy only the formula they need and not stock up unnecessarily, as panic buying can intensify shortages and could encourage sellers to engage in illegal price increases. of prices. The prosecutor also reminds consumers that it is not a price increase for retailers to limit the amount of formula they sell to individual consumers.

What does the law say?

New York law prohibits merchants from taking unfair advantage of consumers by selling goods or services that are vital to their health, safety, or welfare at unreasonably high prices.

What should I do if I see an excessive increase in prices?

• Report the specific price gouging, the dates and places you saw the price gouging, and the types of formula being sold.
• Provide copies of your sales receipts and photos of advertised prices, if available.

New Yorkers should report potential price gouging concerns to the District Attorney’s Office filing a complaint online or by calling 800-771-7755.

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