Here’s a list of startup layoffs and difficulty paying employee salaries since 2021

Startup education Zenius Education terminates employment or layoffs to more than 200 employees. Previously, there were several start-ups that did the same.

Zenius said that the company was affected by the economic conditions. “In order to adapt to the dynamic macroeconomic conditions that affect the industry, we are consolidating and synergizing business processes to ensure sustainability,” the company said in an official statement received by the company. (24/5).

The startup company also changed the role of several business functions. This is part of the optimization and efficiency of the business processes being carried out.

“After going through the evaluation and review In a comprehensive review, Zenius announced that more than 200 of its employees had to leave the company,” said Zenius.

Dismissed employees will receive severance pay in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.

Zenius will also continue to benefit from workers’ health insurance, including for their family members, until September 30.

In addition, Zenius extended health counseling services with third-party consultants until September 30.

Startup It will also share employee personal data with other companies or similar institutions with the employee’s consent. It aims to help them get a new job.

Zenius suggested a team of content creators to apply for a Tentor position at the Primagama branch.

“During the transition process, Zenius is committed to ensuring that all rights and support needed by affected employees are properly met,” the company said.

Startup That education actually recruited a lot of workers last year. The details are as follows:

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Previously, there were several startups that were forced to pivot and lay off employees. TaniHub for example, discontinuing the operation of two warehouse or warehousing in Bandung and Bali. Startup This farm also lays off employees.

Senior Corporate Communication Manager of TaniHub Group Bhisma Adinaya explained that the company wants to sharpen its business focus. The trick is to increase growth through Business to Business (B2B) activities such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, modern trade, general trade, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), as well as strategic partners.

“Later on, the absorption of farmers’ crops will increase. Thus, we also stop activities related to Business to Consumer (B2C) or those that serve household consumers,” said Bhisma to February (26/2).

Startup financing financial technology (fintech lending) MoneyFriend It is also reported that it is difficult to pay employee salaries. In fact, the Financial Services Authority or OJK has revoked UangTeman’s business license.

It is said that UangTeman has not paid salaries and income taxes, aka employee income tax, since the end of 2020. Employment and health insurance have not been paid either.

Startup In the furniture sector, Fabelio is also said to have not paid employee salaries since September 2021. users on behalf of employees have also made petitions on

“I have worked at Fabelio for a long time at level 5. The last time I got my salary was in September. And that’s only 75%,” was quoted from the page on behalf of Fabelio’s employees.

He said the salary for level 5 employees is around Rp. 2.5 million to Rp. 7 million per month. “We want to demand our rights. We doubt that we will be able to hold an audience with Fabelio in person, considering that my employee level is at level 5,” he said.

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Therefore, he created a petition to ask Fabelio Pay employee and vendor salaries. In the comments feature, another user added that Fabelio had also not paid part of the holiday allowance (THR) and the Social Security Administering Body or BPJS Employment.

During the corona pandemic, startups Sorabel, Eatsy, Stoqo, Hooq, and Airy Rooms also closed their services. In addition, a company similar to Hooq, namely iFlix, is experiencing financial difficulties in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, some unicorn and decacorn such as Gojek, Traveloka, and Grab also laid off employees.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Startup Venture Capital Association (Amvesindo) Eddi Danusaputro said the trend of financial difficulties to delaying employee salaries was the trend last year. “Because, startup must live,” he told year (28/12/2021).

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